Friday, December 4, 2009

Once upon a time..

Its been ages that I haven't gone to my native.
and here the week has finally come that I have been long expecting for..
In another 2 weeks I will be there. :D

I miss those people with whom I used to enjoy my life, I miss those places which I often used to visit, I miss those wonderful times that I had with my beloved ones.
I have been missing it from so many months.

One thing that I miss which I would never get back is my childhood days!!
I love that times but I know I can never get back to those days..
But I do have those lovely memories with me which I can treasure it for my whole life.

I bet everybody feels the same like me about "Childhood Days" :)
Donald Zolana's few paintings on early Childhood:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Life is a bundle of things!
Happiness, confusion, tensions.. it includes so many more..

What exactly have you learn't from this life?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wandering thoughts!

Wooohhoooo!! I'm back.. Thanks for all the wishes and blessings you people sent me. I'm finally back with all those wonderful memories. You can read about the trekking experience in my other blog or simply click here.

Some random lines came across my mind while I was traveling in the train. I have written it here:

She was sitting there on the seat from past one hour. Everyone is beside her yet she felt there is nobody with her. The cold breeze blew the hair on to her face. She wanted to shut down the window as she was uncomfortable with the cold but now she felt like experiencing it. she cuddled with herself and her pains. The train kept on moving and her thoughts went on wandering when suddenly she felt the darkness. She didn't realize it was the tunnel, she thought it was darkness of her life that comes every now and then whenever she is happy. Tears rolled down on her cheeks but the smile on her face was still alive.

Oooops! What did I write? Wrote it in a fiction way but I didn't understand what I wrote. :P
So please don't throw tomatoes on me for this.. :)

P.S: Now, when I'm back I feel something weird. I guess I lost the way of leading life or may be I dont know why i'm living. Is this because of silence which comes after the happiness?? Or something else?

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm away!

Not yet, ppl! but in just another few hours I will be traveling outside my present place..
It has been quite a long time that I didn't travel outside Bangalore.. Life is getting bit boring, more hectic, sometimes fun and most of the times scary..

Few months back, we had planned for this trek and at last the day has come when we are setting off! We all are going to Dudhsagar, which is at the border of Goa and Karnataka for a two day trek! You can read more about this place, here. The best time to enjoy going to this place would be in the monsoon. Last year, in the same month of August we had all gone to the same place and it was really the best trek we had so far. It was adventurous and we had experienced some dangerous times out there. After a lot of discussions and conversations, we thought of re-visiting the place.
And here i'm all set to move tonight!

I will be leaving from here tonight i,e Friday 14th of August from Bangalore and will be back on Monday morning! I'm all excited (this happens whenever I travel)
but but i'm sad about something.. one of my friend who was supposed to come along with me isn't coming. His parents are not allowing due to the on going news "swine flu".
I know its risky traveling now but can we sit at home not enjoying what we were supposed to?
I don't want to do that. You all might think i'm taking risk. I too feel the same but canceling the trek will surely make me very sad which I don't want it to happen. I spoke to my parents about this and I did not convince them at all. They understood what I wanted to convey them and they asked me to take care of myself more than usual. :-) So it was an easy go. I just need to take extra care this time (i know nothing is in our hands) but still..

Anyways, I'm all set to go! Hoping to enjoy the fullest and I will be back with the update on this by next week. We will be celebrating Independence day this time in the forest on the track. It would be different from usual. I wont be able to hear lovely songs for the special day but I guess it will be good.

P.S:I'm adding here few pictures of the falls that we had taken last year.

This is how the falls look from few kms far..

This picture was taken when we were right next to the falls standing on the railway track. It was like as if it was raining heavily though it was not at all raining that time. :)

The bridge crossing the falls.. and the morning view of it! completely filled with drops falling out from the falls..

P.P.S: i'm still in the evergreen fresh memory of it, so I attached the photos here. :)
P.P.P.S: If you need any information about this trek or the falls, let me know.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TimePass at Hell..!

I was bored to hell! So finally thought I would better do this tag while I'm at hell.. Atleast it will pass my time.. :)

I have taken this tag from Sandee as I found this very interesting..

Firstly, we have to pick 20 blogging friends and number them from 1 to 20. Then answer the questions related to these 20 friends.. There are 37 questions totally and I enjoyed answering them.

Here's my twenty blogging friends:

1. Blossomblue 2. Arun Manipal 3. Vaisakh 4. Arjun 5. Keshi 6. Neeta 7. Nikhil 8. Mayank 9. Ria 10. Pallav 11. Vyshu 12. Sam 13. Hemanth 14. Miss Kido 15. Arv 16. Yamini 17. Kajal 18. Preethilata 19. Swati 20. Farah

1. How did you meet 7? I met him in this blog when he left a comment here for one of my posts! He was one of the first person to comment on this blog. I'm his sis and he is my bro! :)

2. What would you do if you and 15 had never met? I would have missed reading his wonderful writings and poems. He is an expert in his writings.

3. What would you do if 20 and 1 dated? I wouldn't do anything actually. Its their personal matter.. :P

4. Have you seen 17 cry? In her blogs, yes! When she wrote something very sad, I used to feel that she had tears while writing. Its actually what I thought. Not sure from her side.

5. Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? Who am I to judge that? :P I know Arjun is single but I have no clue whether Yamini is single or not. But if she is, then why not? :P No, no! Am not arranging a marriage btw these two! sorry ;)

6. Do you think 11 is attractive? I haven't seen her! But her expressions and her way of writing attracts me for sure. :)

7. What is 2's favorite color? Let me just ask him and be right back.

8. When was the last time you talked to 9? We generally talk through comments. So she did spoke to me today through her comment. ;)

9. What language does 8 speak? I have seen him writing in English! But I haven't yet researched about what language he speaks. :P

10. Who is 13 going out with? Ofcourse, with his would-be wife Laxmi! He is already engaged now and going to be married this month.

11. Would you ever date 17? She is already committed.. :P So no plz.. ;)

12. Where does 18 live? I guess Delhi!

13. What is the best thing about 4? There are lot many best things about him. The very important one is, friendly behavior.. Macha, you write nice stories mahhnn ;)

14. What would you like to tell 10 right now? Pallav, Dont worry about your career! Everything will go well! Take it easy :)

15. What is the best thing about 20? She is very innocent and sweet! Wonderful writer.

16. Have you ever kissed 2? No!!!!

17. What is the best memory you have of 5? About the Diego stories she used to tell us. I will never forget that and it was all the way nice to hear things happening at her end with Diego.

18. When's the next time you're going to see 1? Very very sooooon! :)

19. How is 7 different from 6? Both are wonderful persons! But if I have to say the difference then it would like Nikhil is my bro where as keshi is my blogging friend.. :)

20. Is 2 pretty? I cant call him Pretty! But yeh, handsome! :)

21. What was your 1st impression of 15? Mahhn, how he writes such wonderful poetry.. :D

22. How did you meet 3? Again through blogging! :)

23. Is 5 your good friend? No doubts at all..

24. Do you hate 12? Not at all! He is a nice person!

25. Have you seen 18 in the last month? I haven't seen her in real, other than here the blogging world.

26. When was the last time you saw 16? I have seen her in her blogs everytime when she makes a new post! :)

27. Have you been to 5's house? No.. :)

28. When's the next time you'll see 10? Earth is round. So anytime we can meet though he stays very far! We meet often in blogs. :)

29. Are you close to 11? We came to know each other recently. We are yet to get close. :)

30. Have you been to the movies with 4? No!

31. Have you gotten in trouble with 8? Never! He is a very sweet and intelligent person. We will never fight :D

32. Would you give 19 a hug? Sure, A friendly hug to swati :)

33. When have you lied to 3? I haven't lied to him at all..

34. Is 1 good at socializing? Very well yes! She is very good and gets along with people fast!

35. Do you know a secret about 8? hmmm no!!

36. Describe the relationship between 12 and 18? I guess both of them don't know each other at all..

37. What's the best thing about your friendship with 9? She is sweet and a nice person. Very friendly and always takes life easy and never falls into trouble.

Done with my 37 questions!! Anyone can pick this tag.. I would like to see my 20 blogging friends do the same tag too.. :) it would be nice to see wonderful answers from you all..
happy tagging!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Episode runs!!

Ehh? What is friendship day? Enjoy and celebrate being friends? Oh, I didnt knew this!

Self prepare a friendship band, tie to all my friends! I wanna prove that I'm their friend and I like to see the band what I make for them tied on their hands. Oh yeah, I expect my friends tie it to me too! I am their friend, ain't I?

I will tie it only to my best friends! No no, she is not my close friend. I will tie only to the people who are close to me and who will in return tie it to me..

Hey, its friendship day celebration. Lets all wear yellow color dresses and enjoy freaking out. How about a movie? Cool.. Lets all have fun! Its our day to enjoy together.

Hey, Yeh, I'm coming! Yes for sure.. I have put leave for two days and I will be there on that day. We will go out and have lunch together and may be we can watch some movie if not, go to beach and enjoy! After all, its our day to enjoy. Lets rock!

Hmmm?? Oh is it? Coming sunday? I want to come but I will not be able to make time and come there. I miss you all a lot and if you all would have been here, it would have been so much fun. We could have enjoyed our day! I guess, this time I have to spend friendship day all alone here!

Friends are special, they walk with us in the journey of life. Some take other route and go away and some stay with us. Still they all are my friends. I enjoy their company. I enjoy talking to them. I like to spend time with them. When I have something to share I have with them around me. When I feel like crying, I have them near by me. When I want to laugh out loudly, they too accompany me. When I want to enjoy my day, they come with me. I have them near to me in my heart. The best thing in life are the people called as "friends" who stays with you for whatever you are.

Every year when the time of celebrating friendship day comes, I get all excited. I feel like I'm enjoying and rejoicing their company with me for so long! But sometimes, we might not get an opportunity to celebrate the time together! Like this year, I want to celebrate it with my close buddies but they are very far as of now! I will not be able to meet them this time!

But but, I promise them that next time when we meet up, lets freak out and enjoy ourselves. That day would be just ours! I don't mind whether that would be the friendship day or whatever it is. I just want to be with you all and enjoy your company.

Every stage of life, leaves foot prints on how we came so far! I have made lots of friends in this journey. I have lost few but I have kept many of them safely in my heart.
When I was small, we neighbors were all of same age of mine. We had a good bonding those days that we never knew it was called friendship. We played, fought, laughed, cried and enjoyed being small.. We even complained,abused and scolded each other. I don't have you people near to me now. You all are far off though each of you are still in contact. I miss you people so much! Without you all, my childhood days wouldn't have been fun.

The friends I made in school were not so close to me. I was very different those days and I had thought that all my school mates were my enemies. Though we enjoyed, played and studied together, we had the feeling called as 'hate' between us. Now when I dont have you people near to me, I realize it was just the time and thoughts that made us think like that. I seriously enjoyed being with you all but never thought about it those days. I miss each one of you who were with me for more than 5 to 6 years.

College life was something very serious and funny that I went through. We knew what exactly we were doing, we knew we were enjoying more than we had to. Sleeping and talking during the class hours, mass bunk to watch movies, skip those afternoon sessions only because it was boring, running affairs, helping others to finish the notes, all those canteen talks, big big bundles of xerox notes that looked untouched, studies which never seemed to be ending, every moment of it is still fresh. I will never forget it. I miss all those wonderful times and the close ones with whom I spent my beautiful college life.

And after this phase, every now and then we make new friends. We come across so many people at our work, at our living place, neighbors, blogsville, friends of friends and so on. Few stay close and few walk away. Everytime this day comes up, I start remembering all my friends from the time I was small to the present. Each and every person has made a very deep foot print in my life. I like to treasure them until I'm alive.

2nd August, 2009! The same day again. Year after year I'm still the same, but I have more and more friends who gets close to me day by day. I might not be able to wish them all on this special day. But I remember everyone. I want to thank them here for staying with me, for being with me. I will not be able to meet you all but I can remember you and cherish those memories that I had with you on this day.

Wishing everyone a Very happy friendship day! Enjoy being with friends

Friday, July 24, 2009

The 50km walk!

"Smile-Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over." ~Walter Anderson

"When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions." ~W. Clement Stone

“Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

My thoughts, my feelings and my smiles are shared with you all here in this blog. When I first created this blog, I had no idea what I would be writing here. I just thought of scribbling few things when I felt like. I had visited few blogs and liked the way they used to write and many more. I kept the name "Reason to Smile" as my blog title without knowing whether I would truly write my reasons for smiling. Gradually, when my posts were increasing I had few people visiting my blog. I was so happy about it and then I started visiting their blogs to see how they write. I enjoyed reading them and writing. I learn't so many things. I got experience to know how and what all a person thinks and write.

I liked writing stories though I was very much a beginner. I had no idea that I can write here stories too. In a short time, I started writing stories and whatever I feel like. Now, this blog includes so many things that I sometimes wonder whether it was me who wrote it. Still, I used to think like how can I improve. Then my dear friends told me to write, practice and experience. I am doing that. I am learning so many things in blogsville. I met so many wonderful people here. Now I don't want to leave this and go. Whenever I'm free, whenever I feel like writing something, I will come here and express my thoughts and my imagination. Also, I would come daily to read posts by all my fellow bloggers who actually gave me a pleasant experience over here!

This is my 50th post and through this post I wanted to tell you all how much each person has drawn a smile on my face. I wouldn't have come up till here today without you all by my side encouraging me.
A potful of thanks all of you.

Did anyone observe the title of my blog today? :)
Well, it has changed. I thought I need to give a different meaning and name to my blog after coming this far. So I named it as "Smiles, Thoughts and Feelings within"
Let me know whether you all liked it.
Any suggestions on what name suits my blog is also welcome. I would love to know what kinda names would suit my blog. :)

I enjoy this place. I feel so happy visiting everyone's blog, including myself :P
By the by, did i say thank you to all of you? Guess i did not! ;)
Thank you sooooo much!!

Before I sign off I would like to include few lines from my blog mates who has written something about my blog on my request. It was indeed so special to me to hear wonderful words from them. So here it goes:

Flowing river will never cum back.
She will see lot of nice places in her journey.
If she is interested,
she might think of staying there
But she wont
as she has a final destination
He is waiting for her
Finally she will join him!

Yes guys Swetha is a river who is in search of the sea which is of smiles and happiness.

She is here to share little smiles and little happiness with you while she is on her way
She is the only reason to smile...;)

By Arun Manipal

I met this really wonderful person in blogspot and been a fan of her posts ever since.
I really enjoy reading your short stories and I believe that you are a really talented writer too.. One of my favorite posts in ur blog is the "Friendship Never Ends" series.
Keep up the good work and keep writing down

By Vaisakh

Nimma blog yeshtondu sandharbagallalli nanna naguvige kaarana.. dhanyavaadagalu.. hehe.. sry.. back to English …. On one of my very boring days, I was onto my usual stuff ; reading through blogs and that’s when I landed onto this place. Your fiction stories, your heartfelt gestures, your concerns makes you and this blog that much so adorable. And moreover for me, finding bloggers from Bangalore’s so exciting. Anyway, keep this blog going, your thoughts flowing, your wishes flying, for this Blog is called- Smiles, Thoughts and Feelings within.

By Arjun Choudhary


So very nice of Arun, Vaisakh and Arjun for writing these lines for me!! Thanks a bunch!
A small bunch of flowers to you three from my side.. :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

A SpEcIaL OnE!

She is the one because of which I'm here today...
She gave me an opportunity to grow in this world..
She was there with me whenever I wanted someone to be with me..
She comforted me when I cried, smiled with me when I laughed...

She supported me for all of my walks in this life...
She gave me moral support when things went wrong and against me...
She was there everytime when I wanted to share my feelings...
She always made yummy and wonderful recipes to make us feel happy...

She cried when I was left alone without her in some other city...
She was ready to talk for hours and hours on phone, when I was bored...
She gave me all the tips and ideas when I wanted it..
She helped me for anything to everything..

She is the one who always will be there in my heart! How much ever we fight with each other, we always are together.. and i love her so much!! Nobody can fill her space.. and I call her "mamma" ..
Mother is always a special person and her place can never be filled by anyone else..

Mamma, I know you are very sad knowing that grandma passed away! I know how much you loved her. I know what place she had in your heart. I know how much you loved her.
Coz I too am a daughter..
Just wanted to tell you that I'm always there with you.. and I always want to see you happy and smiling! :)

Grandma, I so very miss you and I'm sorry that I couldn't see you during your last days.
Also, I'm very thankful to you for giving me such a wonderful mom! You might not know how best your daughter is but I know how best my mamma is! :D

P.S: I got these pictures through mail from one of my friend. I thank her for sending it.
P.P.S: I am not down on earth now! Just that I was so happy checking these pics that I felt like conveying my message to my mamma through this blog! (If i tell her all these infront of her, she might think something is wrong with her daugther.. :P )

Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing a glance

Why am I idle these days? Why am i not writing here? Anything wrong with me?

I asked these questions to myself from past 10 days for nearly 10 times! And I gave 10 answers for myself and kept quiet..

I'm so very sorry for disappearing like this. Actually, I never ran away from here. I was always here. I came here every day too see how my blog is doing and then I visit all my fellow bloggers pages! It has become my daily routine to first come to office and check all my mails.. and then visit my twitter home and then go to bloggsville! With many new refreshing posts from many of you out here, my day starts.

From past few days, my mind has become quite blank. I didnt feel like writing any posts. Few times I wrote something and saved it in my drafts. Later deleted it! It's Just that my mind didnt accept the posts I wrote.

Next sunday I have my distant course exam, but I'm enjoying my time with other stuffs than studying! I know i'm so lazy to study. How much every I put my interest in studies, it just vanishes off when I open the books :P

Last friday, my grand mom passed away and i'm the one of the kinds who gets into so many thoughts when I hear about death! So was in a different world for 2 days! (i'm so weird sometimes :O)

I have been expecting for rain over here in Bangalore but to specially upset me, its not raining at all. I am very much angry about it.

Also, I'm watching TV very much these days. I know thats because I am escaping from studying for my exams. :P Even my roommates are scolding me now to study. What a shameful thing this is for me.. :( [ I heard you too scolding me now.. :P ]

I promised myself not to watch any movies nor should I do any shopping until this month end. But do you think I listen to myself.. ;) Naah! I watched New York soon after its release and went out for shopping many times as if my closet is completely empty.. As soon as I was back, I heard my mamma scolding me for shopping like that.. (now, my mamma scolded me in my dreams not in real thats coz I didn't tell her about it "grins" )
But wait, I did listen to myself a bit atleast. I havent watched Kambaqht Ishq and The Proposal yet. I am so much waiting for this month end now!

And I'm sure I will come up with some fiction related stories sooner or later. I cant keep my blog "not updated" for long.. :(
My friend pearly is celebrating her blog bday today! and I wrote a guest post for her and if you would like to check it, then click here..

Well, the week just started.. I hope this week goes very soon for you all so that weekend fun can soon begin! For me, let the week go very slow.. I have loads to study.. :P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give a Chance!

As she was walking on the road, it started drizzling and then heavy pour down. The lightening, the thunder storms and the empty dark road made her more tensed. She knew she had to live all alone from now onwards. Her hefty decision made her feel terrible. Rina had thought so many times to change her mind but she was afraid of staying with him anymore. Her strong and bold mind had made her stay alone now. The papers were all ready and she was supposed to sign for it in 2 days. Then it would be sent to court. In a weeks time everything would change. Her life, her marriage break down. She had no plans of re-marriage. This was all enough for her. She wanted to stay alone to be be happy alone!

But now she feared of staying alone. Will she survive all alone in this cruel world? Her thoughts went on wandering when a motor bike came and stopped right front of her. The two huge men who wore sparky sunglasses and fluffy dresses got down from the bike and came near to her.
Before they could take any chance on her, she fled from there at top speed. Thankfully the two men didn't chase her. She ran till she could reach her home. She unlocked the door and got inside. She could not switch on the lights as there was power cut. But she locked the door and stood there breathing heavily! The water drops were falling down from her body. She was completely wet. She realized that she was crying too..

After half an hour of rest, she was bit relaxed. She lit the candle and sat on the sofa. Her mind was calm by now and she started thinking about the divorce again. She felt its difficult to lead her life without him. She thought about the lady who had recently come into his life and broke everything. Arun had already told that it was his mistake and he will not repeat it again but she didn't wanted to believe him. She felt like giving another chance to him now all because she loved him but all these things had shattered her. She made up her mind at last.

Hello? Arun?
Yes. Rina, How are you? I.. I wanted to talk to you but was afraid you will not pick my call.
Hmmm.. Ok. Can you come down to my house tonight. I too wanted to talk to you.
Yeah sure. Will be there in 10 minutes.

She felt a bit confident now after talking to him. It was time for her to make things back to normal. May be everything is still possible.

There was a knock on the door by Arun. She opened the door and it was him standing outside still tensed about all the happenings. His eyes showed the hopes that he had with him still.
Come in.
What happened? You look quite tensed and your hair is all wet. You got wet in rain?
Ah ya. I was as usual late from my office today and I came back home walking when it started raining so heavily.
You could have given a call to me, I would have picked you up.
I didn't feel like calling you.
Okay. I understand. Actually, I wanted to talk about this matter. Like, why dont we talk and clear our misunderstandings and make things straight.
Misunderstandings? I am sure there is nothing called as misunderstanding here. It was your fault.
Okay as u say. Whatever you call it as. Cant you give my one more chance and I am sure I will not dare to loose you after that.
But are you sure she is out from your life completely? I don't want her to be in between us again.
Yes dear. she is out from our life. Not only she, any other girl has no space in between us. You are the only one and will always be. I will take care of you like a small baby. Please accept me.

She was smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks now. Everything was going to be alright after this. She knew it. The last chance that will make things alright again. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He understood that she has accepted him now. Both of them were in tears now. He came close and hugged her. The power came back now and the lights shone brightly making their face glow with those tears in their eyes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It happened that day..

She had a busy day altogether. Roopa was at her cousin's marriage! She was enjoying the time there but she was quite tired and thought of relaxing for a while. She went to her cousin's room to take a small nap. But as soon as she entered the room she realized that she hadn't spoken to Santhosh the whole day.
She switched on the cpu and turned the monitor on! She knew he will be there online at evenings.
She logged into gtalk but couldn't find him online. Quickly she tried calling him on his cell phone but he didn't pick up the call. She was sad that she couldnt talk to him. Before logging out she thought of checking her mails and she found a mail in her inbox with the subject "Dear love.... " it was from santhosh.. She quickly opened it.

it read..

to my sweetest chubby lover,
u must be enjoying at the wedding.. and i'm here thinking all about u! donno why, but feeling very lonely today without hearing ur voice or reading ur sms. well, i have been thinking lately that without you, living has been difficult for me. i would better get married to u. what say? i think thts a better idea! coz u cant live without me and i cant live without u.

but big prob is our caste. i knw i know sweettheart.. am silly to think all that.. but family ppl think tht only na. so wht to do! bt dont worry. my mom is very sweet as i told u b4. she can put butter to my dad. but my dad is not at all sweet.. he is cruel than me.. (i.e coz i admit i'm cruel to u sometimes.. :D)

okok u promise me, that u wil wait for me. u gal's na wil get married so soon. i wil try my level best to convince my parents. but u got to wait for me. ok! u must be thinking whats wrong with me today. 'i'm in a very good mood. i hope u r missing me there.. or atleast u remembered me.. :P fine fine! my mail is getting longer dear. i wud better put a break!

luv ya always,

By the time roopa finished reading this mail, she was in tears as well as smiles... she never thought he would say like this.. as he was never emotional regarding relationships!
She didn't call him that night as she wanted to meet him the next day and talk about this. She just sent a short sms "meet u at 1pm for lunch at popsies"

The next day he waited for her at Popsies but she never came up. Santhosh tried calling her but she was not reachable. He called few of her friends but nobody knew where she was. He couldn't call to her house number as her father was always strict. He was worried about her sudden disappearance like this.

The following day, in the news paper under the local news section it was written "A young girl killed while crossing the Road... The Mini truck hit the 23-year-old girl on Langford Road yesterday at 12PM, police said. The girl had been crossing the road at its junction near the Popsies when the incident happened. She was taken to the Royal Hospital where she later died from her injuries. The girl is identified as Roopa working for Arifrents pvt ltd."

He was in utter shock reading it. He screamed at top of his voice but it was of no use.. he cried, cried and cried until he could..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mystery remains unsolved!

P.S: 1. This is a long post.. really really long.. please bare with it!
2. Sensitive people, take your own risk in reading it!

3. I'm sorry if it sounds rubbish! I wrote whatever I felt... any scoldings, sincerely accepted! :)

4. I will be back to my original mood very soon.. :D

Yes, i do love mystery's, murders and adventures!! but only in novels.. not in real life! though its always great to find mystery's in real life.. its too dangerous..

Or painful in reality! i so love agatha christie's murders! wud pity on the people who die in those stories.. but never had any kind of sorrows for those. coz i knew the character who died was an imaginary one! it wud be fiction i know it.. if you see murders in real life? how wud u react?

Well, i cant think of it! being bold when reading murder stories is different than being bold in real murders! i hate it to the core.. being grown in a small town, i had never seen murders! and never thought about that as well.. happily used to enjoy my read of adventurous stories.. the murders what i used to hear in TV and read in news papers were considered to be from other planet according to my tiny brain! or u can call my stupid brain! i never took it serious.

Few months back early in the morning while i was having a walk i saw a group of people desperate to walk towards a terrace of the shop! unaware of whats happening i tried to find an answer in my mind as why are people acting crazy! i started walking slowly.. toooo many questions in my mind! but no answer.. there was one place above few steps where all were peeping to. curiosity increased and i finally stopped my walk and had a quick talk with a senior lady.

me: whats happening here? why everybody is rushing there?
she: somebody has been murdered
me: what? why? i mean how?
she: dont know why. but somebody has thrown a big stone on his face and have murdered him in a cruel way

I had no more words to speak! this time i started running. running like a rabit u can tell. afraid of murderers..! i was in a different world the whole day! thinking how can anybody kill another human! and the person who died.. did he ever knew that he would be killed. he must have been enjoying yesterday and today he is no more! well, i dont want go into that world again! but trust me.. that world of mine had so many questions which were unanswered.. it still is! i had become so insane that for a second i thought i would disguise as a journalist and go and investigate the same, ask questions and find out the murderer.

But the next day itself, i got one answer! answer of who is the murderer. at the same place in the afternoon i found people gathering again. this time i saw the inspector having a person who was handcuffed! i saw him closely whether he is a human or something else! Yes, he was! he was explaining about what all he did and his process of murdering! to be told, he was just a local lad not a killer! but had murdered him accidentally. but but.. how can he? that always remains unanswered to me! :(

No No! i was not here to explain you all this today! i donno why my fiction mind wrote this murder topic! it was all of a sudden.. after reading another murder story which had happened near my own native town.. an year back! i had lots of questions when this murder happened but the main question for this was "who is the murderer?" yes, the case is still not solved.. June 10 she was missing.. june 14 her body was found! a year passed by! today is june 11.. still nobody has found out what had happened!
Yes, i'm still having that my own world with me.. with so many questions.. yes yes unanswered!

And this time i dont want to be a journalist! coz its of no use! i want to talk to her.. the one who died! not possible right? so the case remains the same.. i dont know whether it will be solved or not! but i want to find out.. just praying to god.. let the mystery get solved..

Until then yes.. the mystery remains unsolved! :(

Monday, June 1, 2009


He wrote in his diary...

Dear Indu,

I am the happiest person today coz u smiled at me. I was waiting for this very day. After 3 years of me knowing you without making you realize it, and to get the smile which is equal to thousands of those stars smiling at me when am lonely in this world without you. I know you are the angel from fairy land who came to me. I realized it long back and wanted to make sure that you yourself will smile at me one day. I dont want you to remember me. I am far from your life now.

It was just those three days of my life that was so special when you were with me.
You had lost your memory and you were stuck in that bus sitting next to me. I took great care of you and had fallen in love with you. I had taken you to the top of those mountains where that small village was. We stayed there for three days and at last you said you liked me. I was in the heaven and was overjoyed. It was that night when you were talking in your dreams that I found out you were already engaged. Engaged with the love of your life. I came to know the truth that you both were in so much love and had come for a holiday trip with him. You had lost your way in between those woods and was hit by a branch of the tree and you lost memory. You said everything in your dreams. I realized I was not the one for you. I asked one of those villagers to take you to the hospital and give the best treatment possible to regain back your memory. Everything happened as I wanted. Your memory came back and you forgot me. You went back to your love.

I realized that we were working in the same company too. I was happy seeing you daily. I forgot all my pain, your smiles gave me energy to live, your voice made me to feel that you are near to me. But I always wanted you to smile at me and you did it today. Thank you very much for that. God will always be with you coz I have already prayed him to take great care of you and he will.

Yours forever


P.S: Am completely getting involved in fiction these days! not sure, why.. but getting addicted to it.. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The blind divide..!

Her: "I thought you would not drink today atleast.

Him: "Don't you know why I am drinking?

Her: "I know. You are drinking because of me. But remember today its our marriage anniversary."

Him: "Anniversary? My foot! Because of this stupid marriage I am like this today.

Her: "Is there anything that I can do to make you happy?

Him: "Very, well yes! You can give me freedom from you and this marriage.

Her: "Are you sure you will be happy after that?"

Him: "Yes, I will be the most happiest person if you leave me and go.

Her: "Fine. Get me the papers tomorrow. I will sign it for you."

P.S: I haven't written the scenario behind his anger on her. I want you all to pour in your views in what you would think is the reason. :) Please be free in your thoughts regarding the same.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

He stood there...

He stood there gazing at her when it was raining, remembering the past when he used to dance with her when it used to rain.

Now everything has changed. Being a husband and a father, he controlled his feelings towards his first crush who was his life before. She was unaware of him watching her.

my second effort on 55 fiction.. :)
you can find my first effort of 55 fiction here.. {which was written as a guest post for princess sonshu :)}

in btw, Kajal had awarded me the golden heart award few days back.. thanks a lot Kajal.. :)
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Saturday, May 16, 2009


She got a call early in the morning. Her close buddy had called up giving a pleasant surprise that she is coming to India that night.

Kavya was so happy. Her best friend, Swati who had gone to Dubai three years back was coming to India after such a long time. She took leave from her office for another 3 days. She cleaned her house excited about her friends arrival. By evening, everything was clean and tidy. She had already cooked special dishes for her very special friend.
She drove to the airport with a bunch of white roses. The flight arrived 3 hours late but Kavya waited eagerly for her friend. At last, the flight arrived and she could see her friend walking towards her. She could hardly believe it was her. Swati had grown fat and completely changed from classic to ultra modern style.

Swati indeed was happy to see her old friend too. Swati hugged her friend and then they could hardly speak anything as their eyes were filled with tears and love.
They reached back home talking at top of their voices about so many things.

They had a lovely dinner talking restlessly. They indeed missed all those college time fun and happiness but they were happy that they could recall all those memories.

Next 2 days they spent their time together hanging around, going for movies, visiting friends houses and temples. The 3 days went so soon. Swati had to go back to Dubai and the time had come for her to move on. The last day was so sad that they were quiet dull. When they came to the airport, Kavya gave her a gift and so did Swati. Swati opened the gift and was happy to see a teddy bear. Kavya wanted the teddy bear to be with her always so that whenever swati would miss kavya, she can hug the teddy bear. Swati had given a beautiful watch and told that whenever she sees the time she would remember swati.

Then the excitement ended. It was time for Swati to depart. She hugged Kavya for the last time and she departed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...the reality...

Him: do you miss me?
Her: sometimes
Him: i miss you whenever I'm in trouble and when I need help.
Her: :) thanks! atleast you remember me at times.
Him: you don't remember me na?
Her: i do. how can I forget the life with you that I had for one whole year.
Him: hmmm.. I am feeling sleepy re.
Her: okay, you sleep. gn

she opened her diary with tears rolling down on her cheeks and then wrote ... "you are still the same. you didn't change a bit. i'm sorry that I have changed a lot"

Monday, May 11, 2009

The romantic "Me" and "Him" :D

The scene: Me, him and her were walking back to bus stand after the late night dance program.

Introduction: "Her" refers to my friend. "Him"- No need of explanation, I guess :P and "Me" ofcourse the stupid me.

Her boy friend had other plans and he came on his bike in between to take her away. She waved me bye and said a sweet good night followed with the word "Enjoy!"

I was left alone with him. He turned to me and gave a gentle smile. I gave a blushing smile in return.
Him: "So?"
Me: "What so?"
You were supposed to tell me something.
Was I?
But I thought you would tell it.
You know me right? I don't have that dare to tell it straight. So you would better say.

But I am shy and am a girl. How can I say it?
Tell or else I will move fast.
okay, okay.. I...
after 10 seconds of silence
then? tell it fast....
oh god! give me the power.... I... I love you...

He turned to me and this time it was a different smile. A smile with full of happiness.
He replied back: "I love you, too!"
Then what. Nothing. We just proposed each other. Thats it. Now we are legally lovers.
So you are mine! and am yours!

He stopped and starred at me for 2 minutes. I was dumbfounded for sure. He slowly took my hand and dragged me to the corner. I could no longer speak anything as I was lacking of words.. He took me to the bench which was at the corner and made me sit there. Both of us were silent for another 10 minutes.

At last he spoke, "Arent we supposed to anything?
I was totally shocked of this sentence of his. with a fear in minds I replied: What do you mean?
Nothing. I want you to kiss me
Kiss? No ways.. sorry!
Why not? You are mine and I have the rights to ask you a kiss.
Oh yeah. You have enough dare only for this?"
Whatever you think
Okay fine. But I'm not going to give you. If you want you can give me."
My heart started beating fast as he came near by. I got so afraid that I closed my eyes. Before I could feel anything, I heard a weird sound...

It was very different in that early night. As I opened my eyes to see what it was, I came to know that the sound was the calling bell of my room. I was on my bed and somebody was ringing the bell.. X-( I had to get up and see who the idiot it was!

The owner.. it was the owner... what a idiotic and stupid guy he must be.. X-( woke me up early in the morning and spoilt my wonderful dream. I have made up my mind to murder him tonight for spoiling my most romantic dream. Please pour in your ideas on how I can murder him. Also, I am not sure where this "him" is? I searched him everywhere but I could not find him. If anyone finds him, please do tell me. I will put his photo in the wanting column which would be on the right side of my blog soon.. Thanks in advance for all your help! :D

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 3

Every morning, Daya and Shivani used to fight for silly reasons. Daya always irritated her with stupid talks and Shivani would shout at him back. His friends used to enjoy watching the fights.

One night, as chethan was unable to sleep he came out to watch the beautiful sky. He saw Shivani crying there. He was shocked to see that as he had thought that she was very bold girl. He went to her and asked what was the reason. She hesitated first but then felt he was a decent and very friendly.
"I miss my Dad. Today was the day when he gifted me this watch because I had scored good marks in one of my exam. He was so caring and sweet. I don't know why God wanted him to die so soon."
"I can understand but you have your lovely mother with you atleast. We don't even have that. We are more unlucky than you. God has reason in whatever he does! So, keep the spirit and be bold as always! We all like you to see smiling and not crying like this."
She had never heard anyone say like this to her before. She had stopped crying and smiling at him. She felt relaxed and was happy to have someone like him around. She hugged him saying Thank you.

Daya who got up to smoke a bit saw Chethan missing in the room. He came out in search of him and saw Shivani hugging Chethan. He was very angry but did not say anything. He left the house the next day morning and didn't return back for another few days. All were worried including Shivani. It was Vinay who had observed everything silently and he knew that Daya could not tolerate Shivani doing such a thing. Vinay told Shivani everything and she was lost in tears. They had no other option to do other than waiting for him to come back. After few days Daya came back but he was completely changed. He was not behaving like before. He was quite silent and talked very less. He was completely a different Daya but nobody said anything to him.

Months went by... and on one day, Daya got a letter from Shivani..
She had written..
"Hi Daya, Am really sorry that I have hurted you. I want to talk to you. Will you come near the seashore today evening? I'll be waiting for you."

In the evening, Daya found Shivani standing near the shore. He went to her and said a casual Hi. Shivani noticed how different he was before and how he has got changed. She was busy seeing him that she forgot to speak anything. Daya too kept quiet. After few minutes, Shivani spoke "I know I have hurted you."
"You did not. You never hurted me."
"Dont lie. I know what you have undergone with. I never realized that you liked me. I always knew you were a flirt, so I never bothered about what you think or feel about me.
But now I know."
"No, Shivani. Its all my mistake. I was always flirting with you before. But as time passed by, I realized it was more than attraction. I felt like I want you to be with me forever. But then, Chethan liked you. He is my close buddy. I wanted him to be happy.. so.."
"so? you thought stupid. Idiot! Chethan is really caring, I hugged him as a brother. I like you and I want you.. " She took his hand and gave a gentle kiss and said.. "I have forgotten my surname. can I use yours?"

Then the story was continued with lot of smiles.... :D

In btw, i came to know that there is a friend of mine, who's friend's cousin name is Shivani! and her birthday was just 5 to 6 days back! I am too late to wish her but anyways, happy belated birthday to her! Also, I dedicate this story to her.. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 2

He woke up suddenly and found his friends snoring. He kicked them and made them too get up at the very midnight!
Daya: "I saw her again."
Vinay: "Who? Where? What? Nobody is here in our room. Now shut up and sleep"
Daya: "I saw her again in my dreams. She came like an angel smiling at me, then we both went near the beach. With the cool breeze blowing and me holding her hand. It was really an awesome dream but why did she come in my dream."
Vinay: "Who is it? I thought you never dream of girls."
Daya: "Thats right. I never found any girls walking in my dream. But this was for the first time. U remember two days back we saw her near the bus stop. I was irritating her in the morning. That girl."
Vinay: "Oh! Strange.. but its okay. May be god has sent a signal asking you to marry. Its time now. You are becoming old. Go get marry!"
Chethan: "hahaha... You might be right, Vini.. Can we discuss this tomorrow morning. Okay! Ya gud and gud and good night!"
Daya: "I have said you hundred times that I have got no connection with marriage. May be its that she is also thinking about me. I have to search for her tomorrow morning."
Vinay: "Okay okay! Now shall we sleep?"

Next day morning, at 8 AM..
Daya: "Do you remember me? I spoke with you that day?"
Shivani: "No! I don't remember. "
and she walked off..
Daya got down from his car and started following her.
"You remember me and you are not talking to me coz you are afraid of this handsome guy. Am I right?"
No ways. Why should I be afraid of you?
She walked along near a shop and bought something.
"Will you stop following me?
"Errr.. I was not following you. I thought I was walking with you. "
And I don't like it. Please stay away!
"Alright.. "

As she went on, he stood there looking at her. "She is really different and courageous. I think I like her" he said to himself and turned back to go to the shop where she went to buy a pack of cigerette"
"Are you looking for rented house? She is not friendly with guys like you. You need to convince her mom. Her mom is very generous and lovely. She will never say No!"
"Oh yeah, okay!"
His mind started to work immediately. He asked whether he could give the house address. Shopkeeper smiled and told that it on the top of the hill, the only house there.
What a luck it was for him! A piece of good information. In another 2 3 days, he was shifting to the new house with his friends. You see, its just a matter of applying butter to kind and nice people. Though Shivani knew who was going to come and stay in their outhouse, she kept quiet. She was angry at her mom first but later she was okay with it.

*Don't you hit my head for making this such a long story! Please do be patient... :) Part 3 coming soon... :D

P.S: One of my friend didn't like this story! He was upset that I wrote it in such a bad way. I was really sorry that I couldn't keep my writing good! Plz do be open and tell whether its good or bad. It will surely help me and I promise I will improve my writing skills.. Please make a note, that am still a learner! :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 1

He was a weird guy, very naughty and always first in doing mischief.. to add more.. a big flirt! If he sees any beautiful girl smiling at him, immediately he is on action. Within 1 day, they both would be found together in theaters or restaurants. That would last only for a week or so. After that another girl.. :P Quite a big flirt. :D
Other side of him.. He is a orphan.. stays with his best friends and always cool.. :D Did I forget to mention his name? Daya.. i don't know whether it suits him or not!

She was cool, bindaas and happy go along kind of chirpy little girl. Very bold and intelligent. She has no father but a very caring mother. As soon as she finished her studies, she started to work to make a living. Being an independent girl, and strong minded she was happy living with her mom. They had their own house on top of a small hill. They had an outhouse which they used to give for rent. The house was very pretty and neat. The view from the top was just marvelous. You could see a dense forest on one side and opposite to that a very calm beach. And did u ask her name? Well, its Shivani.. i guess the name is as cute as her.. :)
and yeh, she was working as a teacher. :D

"Mamma, am leaving.. I will not be coming early today. Have to take special classes for kids as exams are nearing.. bye"
"Shini, cum back before dark. Its not safe u know"
"Oh ho! I am not scared of anything. U relax mamma. bubyeee.."

Daya as usual driving his car off to work, saw her near the bus stop. He was attracted to her immediately. JERK.. the vehicle stopped front of her. His friends fell bumping. "Abey, what u doing? Ride properly. We don't want to die so soon. We are still bachelors"

Daya: Err.. What is the way to Kohallam street?
Shivani: Hmmm. U have stopped your vehicle in kohallam street only.
Daya: Oh. I see. Where are you going?
Shivani: None of your business, Mr!
Daya: My name is Daya. Mr Daya!
Shivani: Whatever!
Daya: Want lift?
Shivani: No, Thanks..
By then her bus came and she ran towards the bus. She turned back and gave a dirty look on his face and went off!

Ahh ho! I forgot to mention his friends name!
They are Chethan and Vinay.
Chethan: "Again? Oh god, I dont know how many more girls you want to spoil"
Daya: "I am not spoiling them. I just want them to get attracted to me."
Vinay: "Why don't you marry someone. She will always be attracted to you."
Daya: "Marriage?? Bull shit! I hate it.. There is no connection between me and marriage! So forget it."
Vinay: "Alright! Now off we go, we are already late.."

P.S: This is my first attempt on love story! The next part would come soon.. Whether it would be a sad ending or a happy ending, just wait and see! :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

Between anger and attraction...

"We cant go through this. I am really sorry. Forget what happened between us!"
he said as she was watching him dumbstruck!

Her dreams were shattered and she wept to her heart content. It was 2 days back that he had proposed her. She always liked him and same with him. They thought it was love. But much to her surprise it turned out to be a nightmare. She stopped talking to him and went on moving with her career.

After two years, he came to back to her asking for friendship. She thought he must have changed and accepted his friendship. Though she was still attracted to him, she lay in patience hoping for him to understand her feelings. As she thought, he was attracted and said that he likes her. She was overjoyed and was happy that finally he did come back to her again. But the happiness stayed for only few days. He told her that he was drunk and whatever he said was meaningless. He never loved her.

She stood there silently, her heart broken, with rage in her minds, tears rolling down. She was now angry on herself. She had been a fool all the while in her life. At last she made up her mind not to love anyone in her life and not to trust men.

P.S: This is an attempt of fiction. Got the idea last night and I felt the story would be good and hence wrote it down here. Hope it has come out well! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reason to Smile

do u ever find a smile
smile which is not fake or non genuine
genuine is the other name for sweet-ha
sweet-ha is the angel of this blog
blog where u find nothing else but smiles
smiles which are spread in the air with love
love gives the "REASON TO SMILE"

Thanks to Sweet-ha for this wonderful opportunity to be doing a guest post in her blog ..:)...i just wanted to speard the word around that ..if u lack a smile please be in sweet-ha's blog always were u find them a lot :)...:D...

I even got 55 words to say about how i got to know the reason to smile :D....its a 55 fiction/reality :)..
She was in Tears,Loneliness killing her senses..she was missing her family badly in her heart .She tries to be more brave and not show her sad feeling's on her face by keeping up the cute smile on her lips.Then she decides to spread the cheer around and be "THE REASON TO SMILE"

5 Point something

5 Points about Sweet-ha

1.Cute: she is very cute by her heart

2.Sweet: well her name starts with sweet so how can she not be sweet :)

3.Humorous: well u have 2 ask sweety and tweety abt this :P

4.Friendly: she is always by ur side making u smile without letting u into depression

5.Hot : no i dint say this someone else is typing i am not responsible :P...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The first raindrops..

She was awakened when the lights went off. She saw the clock and it said 11 PM. "I must have slept early while reading the book", Maya thought to herself.

She got up, lit the candle and made sure that all the doors and windows are shut. She laid on the sofa and tried to relax when suddenly she heard the waving sound from outside. She was not sure what it was and hence, opened the balcony door and saw that it was breezing very much outside. She stood there enjoying the cool breeze. It started drizzling and she could feel the water drop falling on her face. She closed her eyes and said "I love this".

As she opened her eyes, she was there standing with her sister enjoying the first rain of the year. Her dad shouting from behind "You girls are crazy to get wet. Please come in! If not, you will catch cold"
"No pappa. We luv this. It is the first rain of the year. Don't you know how we enjoy watching this everytime. We will come in soon." she answered.

Maya always loved the first drops falling from the sky and the aroma of the ground when the first rain drops falls down. It's completely a different smell and it makes her go and dance right on the middle of the road!

She was now dancing with her sister rejoicing the wonderful rain that she always likes. She waved to the people who were rushing to their respective homes. She could see her neighbor friend sipping hot coffee sitting near the window. She looked at her and smiled. She turned back to see her dad starring at her angrily but she gave back her cunning smile and made her dad smile back. She closed her eyes and said once again "I love this so much" .

As she opened her eyes once again, she could see herself all alone standing next to the door of her balcony in the beautiful apartment where she stays. It was the same first rain of the year and she was smiling watching it pouring down. She was standing there but dancing in her heart, humming a melodious slow song, remembering her childhood. She felt like she heard her dad shouting but turned to see no one there. She smiled once again. She smelt the same aroma that she always liked. She felt like walking and running in the rain but she couldn't do it. But she was happy to see the first rain... the very same first rain that she always enjoyed to see... and then she told to herself.. "I love this so much!"