Friday, July 24, 2009

The 50km walk!

"Smile-Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over." ~Walter Anderson

"When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions." ~W. Clement Stone

“Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

My thoughts, my feelings and my smiles are shared with you all here in this blog. When I first created this blog, I had no idea what I would be writing here. I just thought of scribbling few things when I felt like. I had visited few blogs and liked the way they used to write and many more. I kept the name "Reason to Smile" as my blog title without knowing whether I would truly write my reasons for smiling. Gradually, when my posts were increasing I had few people visiting my blog. I was so happy about it and then I started visiting their blogs to see how they write. I enjoyed reading them and writing. I learn't so many things. I got experience to know how and what all a person thinks and write.

I liked writing stories though I was very much a beginner. I had no idea that I can write here stories too. In a short time, I started writing stories and whatever I feel like. Now, this blog includes so many things that I sometimes wonder whether it was me who wrote it. Still, I used to think like how can I improve. Then my dear friends told me to write, practice and experience. I am doing that. I am learning so many things in blogsville. I met so many wonderful people here. Now I don't want to leave this and go. Whenever I'm free, whenever I feel like writing something, I will come here and express my thoughts and my imagination. Also, I would come daily to read posts by all my fellow bloggers who actually gave me a pleasant experience over here!

This is my 50th post and through this post I wanted to tell you all how much each person has drawn a smile on my face. I wouldn't have come up till here today without you all by my side encouraging me.
A potful of thanks all of you.

Did anyone observe the title of my blog today? :)
Well, it has changed. I thought I need to give a different meaning and name to my blog after coming this far. So I named it as "Smiles, Thoughts and Feelings within"
Let me know whether you all liked it.
Any suggestions on what name suits my blog is also welcome. I would love to know what kinda names would suit my blog. :)

I enjoy this place. I feel so happy visiting everyone's blog, including myself :P
By the by, did i say thank you to all of you? Guess i did not! ;)
Thank you sooooo much!!

Before I sign off I would like to include few lines from my blog mates who has written something about my blog on my request. It was indeed so special to me to hear wonderful words from them. So here it goes:

Flowing river will never cum back.
She will see lot of nice places in her journey.
If she is interested,
she might think of staying there
But she wont
as she has a final destination
He is waiting for her
Finally she will join him!

Yes guys Swetha is a river who is in search of the sea which is of smiles and happiness.

She is here to share little smiles and little happiness with you while she is on her way
She is the only reason to smile...;)

By Arun Manipal

I met this really wonderful person in blogspot and been a fan of her posts ever since.
I really enjoy reading your short stories and I believe that you are a really talented writer too.. One of my favorite posts in ur blog is the "Friendship Never Ends" series.
Keep up the good work and keep writing down

By Vaisakh

Nimma blog yeshtondu sandharbagallalli nanna naguvige kaarana.. dhanyavaadagalu.. hehe.. sry.. back to English …. On one of my very boring days, I was onto my usual stuff ; reading through blogs and that’s when I landed onto this place. Your fiction stories, your heartfelt gestures, your concerns makes you and this blog that much so adorable. And moreover for me, finding bloggers from Bangalore’s so exciting. Anyway, keep this blog going, your thoughts flowing, your wishes flying, for this Blog is called- Smiles, Thoughts and Feelings within.

By Arjun Choudhary


So very nice of Arun, Vaisakh and Arjun for writing these lines for me!! Thanks a bunch!
A small bunch of flowers to you three from my side.. :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

A SpEcIaL OnE!

She is the one because of which I'm here today...
She gave me an opportunity to grow in this world..
She was there with me whenever I wanted someone to be with me..
She comforted me when I cried, smiled with me when I laughed...

She supported me for all of my walks in this life...
She gave me moral support when things went wrong and against me...
She was there everytime when I wanted to share my feelings...
She always made yummy and wonderful recipes to make us feel happy...

She cried when I was left alone without her in some other city...
She was ready to talk for hours and hours on phone, when I was bored...
She gave me all the tips and ideas when I wanted it..
She helped me for anything to everything..

She is the one who always will be there in my heart! How much ever we fight with each other, we always are together.. and i love her so much!! Nobody can fill her space.. and I call her "mamma" ..
Mother is always a special person and her place can never be filled by anyone else..

Mamma, I know you are very sad knowing that grandma passed away! I know how much you loved her. I know what place she had in your heart. I know how much you loved her.
Coz I too am a daughter..
Just wanted to tell you that I'm always there with you.. and I always want to see you happy and smiling! :)

Grandma, I so very miss you and I'm sorry that I couldn't see you during your last days.
Also, I'm very thankful to you for giving me such a wonderful mom! You might not know how best your daughter is but I know how best my mamma is! :D

P.S: I got these pictures through mail from one of my friend. I thank her for sending it.
P.P.S: I am not down on earth now! Just that I was so happy checking these pics that I felt like conveying my message to my mamma through this blog! (If i tell her all these infront of her, she might think something is wrong with her daugther.. :P )

Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing a glance

Why am I idle these days? Why am i not writing here? Anything wrong with me?

I asked these questions to myself from past 10 days for nearly 10 times! And I gave 10 answers for myself and kept quiet..

I'm so very sorry for disappearing like this. Actually, I never ran away from here. I was always here. I came here every day too see how my blog is doing and then I visit all my fellow bloggers pages! It has become my daily routine to first come to office and check all my mails.. and then visit my twitter home and then go to bloggsville! With many new refreshing posts from many of you out here, my day starts.

From past few days, my mind has become quite blank. I didnt feel like writing any posts. Few times I wrote something and saved it in my drafts. Later deleted it! It's Just that my mind didnt accept the posts I wrote.

Next sunday I have my distant course exam, but I'm enjoying my time with other stuffs than studying! I know i'm so lazy to study. How much every I put my interest in studies, it just vanishes off when I open the books :P

Last friday, my grand mom passed away and i'm the one of the kinds who gets into so many thoughts when I hear about death! So was in a different world for 2 days! (i'm so weird sometimes :O)

I have been expecting for rain over here in Bangalore but to specially upset me, its not raining at all. I am very much angry about it.

Also, I'm watching TV very much these days. I know thats because I am escaping from studying for my exams. :P Even my roommates are scolding me now to study. What a shameful thing this is for me.. :( [ I heard you too scolding me now.. :P ]

I promised myself not to watch any movies nor should I do any shopping until this month end. But do you think I listen to myself.. ;) Naah! I watched New York soon after its release and went out for shopping many times as if my closet is completely empty.. As soon as I was back, I heard my mamma scolding me for shopping like that.. (now, my mamma scolded me in my dreams not in real thats coz I didn't tell her about it "grins" )
But wait, I did listen to myself a bit atleast. I havent watched Kambaqht Ishq and The Proposal yet. I am so much waiting for this month end now!

And I'm sure I will come up with some fiction related stories sooner or later. I cant keep my blog "not updated" for long.. :(
My friend pearly is celebrating her blog bday today! and I wrote a guest post for her and if you would like to check it, then click here..

Well, the week just started.. I hope this week goes very soon for you all so that weekend fun can soon begin! For me, let the week go very slow.. I have loads to study.. :P