Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is this called mood disorder?

I have heard a lot of guys saying that it is quite difficult to understand girls mind and thoughts. Hmmm, never really wondered whether it is true or not. But may be these days I am feeling this as more or less correct. To be frank, I am unable to understand my own mind. 

From quite sometime, I am noticing that my mind keeps singing and dancing whenever I am in good mood. I have no idea what people think about me when I am in that mood. Interestingly, it even changes to a bad or angry mood within minutes. There could be silly reason for it or so but still people around me may not really know whats running in my mind. All they see is a complete transformation from a good and sweet face to a frowning or storming face. Is this called 'Mood Disorder'?!?!?

Keeping this transformation story aside, I am craving for some heavy rain in Bangalore but to my vain all I find is a hot sun when I peep through the window. I am presently hearing to this song of Britney Spears 'Criminal' and sipping hot coffee. The only factor that is making me feel good now is the song. Neither the coffee nor the sun can make me feel better from the swirling mood of mine.

Life is going on just normal. You heard me? JUST NORMAL. I suppose there is nothing that can bring any change to my regular routine life for sometime? Mornings are pretty slow and lazy, whole day seems to be occupied by something called WORK. Evenings seem to be quite tiresome with my long walk back to home from office. Hungry stomach makes me cook something instantly and I swallow it quickly before even realizing the taste of it. I don't how the time passes by that I will be back on bed setting up the alarm for the next day. *Sigh* 

I am waiting for September to arrive soon. I do have some pretty good plans for travelling to different places. The September plans are kind of energy boosters. It is cheering me up whenever I check the calendar for something exciting. 

This post should have definitely proved that I still do exist in the blogging world. If something strikes my mind, may be I will come back to write something again! :) :) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That special someone

"Your msgs were so important that waiting for it was an excitement. You made me feel so special. I have started thinking about someone, dreaming about wonderful things and looking forward to be with you.

My eyes are talking, heart is expressing, mind is jumping and now I'm smiling for nothing."
This is what happens when you meet somebody special in your life. The above lines are dedicated to one of my good friend who is finally tying knots with her special someone.