Saturday, May 23, 2009

The blind divide..!

Her: "I thought you would not drink today atleast.

Him: "Don't you know why I am drinking?

Her: "I know. You are drinking because of me. But remember today its our marriage anniversary."

Him: "Anniversary? My foot! Because of this stupid marriage I am like this today.

Her: "Is there anything that I can do to make you happy?

Him: "Very, well yes! You can give me freedom from you and this marriage.

Her: "Are you sure you will be happy after that?"

Him: "Yes, I will be the most happiest person if you leave me and go.

Her: "Fine. Get me the papers tomorrow. I will sign it for you."

P.S: I haven't written the scenario behind his anger on her. I want you all to pour in your views in what you would think is the reason. :) Please be free in your thoughts regarding the same.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

He stood there...

He stood there gazing at her when it was raining, remembering the past when he used to dance with her when it used to rain.

Now everything has changed. Being a husband and a father, he controlled his feelings towards his first crush who was his life before. She was unaware of him watching her.

my second effort on 55 fiction.. :)
you can find my first effort of 55 fiction here.. {which was written as a guest post for princess sonshu :)}

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


She got a call early in the morning. Her close buddy had called up giving a pleasant surprise that she is coming to India that night.

Kavya was so happy. Her best friend, Swati who had gone to Dubai three years back was coming to India after such a long time. She took leave from her office for another 3 days. She cleaned her house excited about her friends arrival. By evening, everything was clean and tidy. She had already cooked special dishes for her very special friend.
She drove to the airport with a bunch of white roses. The flight arrived 3 hours late but Kavya waited eagerly for her friend. At last, the flight arrived and she could see her friend walking towards her. She could hardly believe it was her. Swati had grown fat and completely changed from classic to ultra modern style.

Swati indeed was happy to see her old friend too. Swati hugged her friend and then they could hardly speak anything as their eyes were filled with tears and love.
They reached back home talking at top of their voices about so many things.

They had a lovely dinner talking restlessly. They indeed missed all those college time fun and happiness but they were happy that they could recall all those memories.

Next 2 days they spent their time together hanging around, going for movies, visiting friends houses and temples. The 3 days went so soon. Swati had to go back to Dubai and the time had come for her to move on. The last day was so sad that they were quiet dull. When they came to the airport, Kavya gave her a gift and so did Swati. Swati opened the gift and was happy to see a teddy bear. Kavya wanted the teddy bear to be with her always so that whenever swati would miss kavya, she can hug the teddy bear. Swati had given a beautiful watch and told that whenever she sees the time she would remember swati.

Then the excitement ended. It was time for Swati to depart. She hugged Kavya for the last time and she departed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...the reality...

Him: do you miss me?
Her: sometimes
Him: i miss you whenever I'm in trouble and when I need help.
Her: :) thanks! atleast you remember me at times.
Him: you don't remember me na?
Her: i do. how can I forget the life with you that I had for one whole year.
Him: hmmm.. I am feeling sleepy re.
Her: okay, you sleep. gn

she opened her diary with tears rolling down on her cheeks and then wrote ... "you are still the same. you didn't change a bit. i'm sorry that I have changed a lot"

Monday, May 11, 2009

The romantic "Me" and "Him" :D

The scene: Me, him and her were walking back to bus stand after the late night dance program.

Introduction: "Her" refers to my friend. "Him"- No need of explanation, I guess :P and "Me" ofcourse the stupid me.

Her boy friend had other plans and he came on his bike in between to take her away. She waved me bye and said a sweet good night followed with the word "Enjoy!"

I was left alone with him. He turned to me and gave a gentle smile. I gave a blushing smile in return.
Him: "So?"
Me: "What so?"
You were supposed to tell me something.
Was I?
But I thought you would tell it.
You know me right? I don't have that dare to tell it straight. So you would better say.

But I am shy and am a girl. How can I say it?
Tell or else I will move fast.
okay, okay.. I...
after 10 seconds of silence
then? tell it fast....
oh god! give me the power.... I... I love you...

He turned to me and this time it was a different smile. A smile with full of happiness.
He replied back: "I love you, too!"
Then what. Nothing. We just proposed each other. Thats it. Now we are legally lovers.
So you are mine! and am yours!

He stopped and starred at me for 2 minutes. I was dumbfounded for sure. He slowly took my hand and dragged me to the corner. I could no longer speak anything as I was lacking of words.. He took me to the bench which was at the corner and made me sit there. Both of us were silent for another 10 minutes.

At last he spoke, "Arent we supposed to anything?
I was totally shocked of this sentence of his. with a fear in minds I replied: What do you mean?
Nothing. I want you to kiss me
Kiss? No ways.. sorry!
Why not? You are mine and I have the rights to ask you a kiss.
Oh yeah. You have enough dare only for this?"
Whatever you think
Okay fine. But I'm not going to give you. If you want you can give me."
My heart started beating fast as he came near by. I got so afraid that I closed my eyes. Before I could feel anything, I heard a weird sound...

It was very different in that early night. As I opened my eyes to see what it was, I came to know that the sound was the calling bell of my room. I was on my bed and somebody was ringing the bell.. X-( I had to get up and see who the idiot it was!

The owner.. it was the owner... what a idiotic and stupid guy he must be.. X-( woke me up early in the morning and spoilt my wonderful dream. I have made up my mind to murder him tonight for spoiling my most romantic dream. Please pour in your ideas on how I can murder him. Also, I am not sure where this "him" is? I searched him everywhere but I could not find him. If anyone finds him, please do tell me. I will put his photo in the wanting column which would be on the right side of my blog soon.. Thanks in advance for all your help! :D

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 3

Every morning, Daya and Shivani used to fight for silly reasons. Daya always irritated her with stupid talks and Shivani would shout at him back. His friends used to enjoy watching the fights.

One night, as chethan was unable to sleep he came out to watch the beautiful sky. He saw Shivani crying there. He was shocked to see that as he had thought that she was very bold girl. He went to her and asked what was the reason. She hesitated first but then felt he was a decent and very friendly.
"I miss my Dad. Today was the day when he gifted me this watch because I had scored good marks in one of my exam. He was so caring and sweet. I don't know why God wanted him to die so soon."
"I can understand but you have your lovely mother with you atleast. We don't even have that. We are more unlucky than you. God has reason in whatever he does! So, keep the spirit and be bold as always! We all like you to see smiling and not crying like this."
She had never heard anyone say like this to her before. She had stopped crying and smiling at him. She felt relaxed and was happy to have someone like him around. She hugged him saying Thank you.

Daya who got up to smoke a bit saw Chethan missing in the room. He came out in search of him and saw Shivani hugging Chethan. He was very angry but did not say anything. He left the house the next day morning and didn't return back for another few days. All were worried including Shivani. It was Vinay who had observed everything silently and he knew that Daya could not tolerate Shivani doing such a thing. Vinay told Shivani everything and she was lost in tears. They had no other option to do other than waiting for him to come back. After few days Daya came back but he was completely changed. He was not behaving like before. He was quite silent and talked very less. He was completely a different Daya but nobody said anything to him.

Months went by... and on one day, Daya got a letter from Shivani..
She had written..
"Hi Daya, Am really sorry that I have hurted you. I want to talk to you. Will you come near the seashore today evening? I'll be waiting for you."

In the evening, Daya found Shivani standing near the shore. He went to her and said a casual Hi. Shivani noticed how different he was before and how he has got changed. She was busy seeing him that she forgot to speak anything. Daya too kept quiet. After few minutes, Shivani spoke "I know I have hurted you."
"You did not. You never hurted me."
"Dont lie. I know what you have undergone with. I never realized that you liked me. I always knew you were a flirt, so I never bothered about what you think or feel about me.
But now I know."
"No, Shivani. Its all my mistake. I was always flirting with you before. But as time passed by, I realized it was more than attraction. I felt like I want you to be with me forever. But then, Chethan liked you. He is my close buddy. I wanted him to be happy.. so.."
"so? you thought stupid. Idiot! Chethan is really caring, I hugged him as a brother. I like you and I want you.. " She took his hand and gave a gentle kiss and said.. "I have forgotten my surname. can I use yours?"

Then the story was continued with lot of smiles.... :D

In btw, i came to know that there is a friend of mine, who's friend's cousin name is Shivani! and her birthday was just 5 to 6 days back! I am too late to wish her but anyways, happy belated birthday to her! Also, I dedicate this story to her.. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 2

He woke up suddenly and found his friends snoring. He kicked them and made them too get up at the very midnight!
Daya: "I saw her again."
Vinay: "Who? Where? What? Nobody is here in our room. Now shut up and sleep"
Daya: "I saw her again in my dreams. She came like an angel smiling at me, then we both went near the beach. With the cool breeze blowing and me holding her hand. It was really an awesome dream but why did she come in my dream."
Vinay: "Who is it? I thought you never dream of girls."
Daya: "Thats right. I never found any girls walking in my dream. But this was for the first time. U remember two days back we saw her near the bus stop. I was irritating her in the morning. That girl."
Vinay: "Oh! Strange.. but its okay. May be god has sent a signal asking you to marry. Its time now. You are becoming old. Go get marry!"
Chethan: "hahaha... You might be right, Vini.. Can we discuss this tomorrow morning. Okay! Ya gud and gud and good night!"
Daya: "I have said you hundred times that I have got no connection with marriage. May be its that she is also thinking about me. I have to search for her tomorrow morning."
Vinay: "Okay okay! Now shall we sleep?"

Next day morning, at 8 AM..
Daya: "Do you remember me? I spoke with you that day?"
Shivani: "No! I don't remember. "
and she walked off..
Daya got down from his car and started following her.
"You remember me and you are not talking to me coz you are afraid of this handsome guy. Am I right?"
No ways. Why should I be afraid of you?
She walked along near a shop and bought something.
"Will you stop following me?
"Errr.. I was not following you. I thought I was walking with you. "
And I don't like it. Please stay away!
"Alright.. "

As she went on, he stood there looking at her. "She is really different and courageous. I think I like her" he said to himself and turned back to go to the shop where she went to buy a pack of cigerette"
"Are you looking for rented house? She is not friendly with guys like you. You need to convince her mom. Her mom is very generous and lovely. She will never say No!"
"Oh yeah, okay!"
His mind started to work immediately. He asked whether he could give the house address. Shopkeeper smiled and told that it on the top of the hill, the only house there.
What a luck it was for him! A piece of good information. In another 2 3 days, he was shifting to the new house with his friends. You see, its just a matter of applying butter to kind and nice people. Though Shivani knew who was going to come and stay in their outhouse, she kept quiet. She was angry at her mom first but later she was okay with it.

*Don't you hit my head for making this such a long story! Please do be patient... :) Part 3 coming soon... :D

P.S: One of my friend didn't like this story! He was upset that I wrote it in such a bad way. I was really sorry that I couldn't keep my writing good! Plz do be open and tell whether its good or bad. It will surely help me and I promise I will improve my writing skills.. Please make a note, that am still a learner! :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Choti Si Mulaqat - Part 1

He was a weird guy, very naughty and always first in doing mischief.. to add more.. a big flirt! If he sees any beautiful girl smiling at him, immediately he is on action. Within 1 day, they both would be found together in theaters or restaurants. That would last only for a week or so. After that another girl.. :P Quite a big flirt. :D
Other side of him.. He is a orphan.. stays with his best friends and always cool.. :D Did I forget to mention his name? Daya.. i don't know whether it suits him or not!

She was cool, bindaas and happy go along kind of chirpy little girl. Very bold and intelligent. She has no father but a very caring mother. As soon as she finished her studies, she started to work to make a living. Being an independent girl, and strong minded she was happy living with her mom. They had their own house on top of a small hill. They had an outhouse which they used to give for rent. The house was very pretty and neat. The view from the top was just marvelous. You could see a dense forest on one side and opposite to that a very calm beach. And did u ask her name? Well, its Shivani.. i guess the name is as cute as her.. :)
and yeh, she was working as a teacher. :D

"Mamma, am leaving.. I will not be coming early today. Have to take special classes for kids as exams are nearing.. bye"
"Shini, cum back before dark. Its not safe u know"
"Oh ho! I am not scared of anything. U relax mamma. bubyeee.."

Daya as usual driving his car off to work, saw her near the bus stop. He was attracted to her immediately. JERK.. the vehicle stopped front of her. His friends fell bumping. "Abey, what u doing? Ride properly. We don't want to die so soon. We are still bachelors"

Daya: Err.. What is the way to Kohallam street?
Shivani: Hmmm. U have stopped your vehicle in kohallam street only.
Daya: Oh. I see. Where are you going?
Shivani: None of your business, Mr!
Daya: My name is Daya. Mr Daya!
Shivani: Whatever!
Daya: Want lift?
Shivani: No, Thanks..
By then her bus came and she ran towards the bus. She turned back and gave a dirty look on his face and went off!

Ahh ho! I forgot to mention his friends name!
They are Chethan and Vinay.
Chethan: "Again? Oh god, I dont know how many more girls you want to spoil"
Daya: "I am not spoiling them. I just want them to get attracted to me."
Vinay: "Why don't you marry someone. She will always be attracted to you."
Daya: "Marriage?? Bull shit! I hate it.. There is no connection between me and marriage! So forget it."
Vinay: "Alright! Now off we go, we are already late.."

P.S: This is my first attempt on love story! The next part would come soon.. Whether it would be a sad ending or a happy ending, just wait and see! :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

Between anger and attraction...

"We cant go through this. I am really sorry. Forget what happened between us!"
he said as she was watching him dumbstruck!

Her dreams were shattered and she wept to her heart content. It was 2 days back that he had proposed her. She always liked him and same with him. They thought it was love. But much to her surprise it turned out to be a nightmare. She stopped talking to him and went on moving with her career.

After two years, he came to back to her asking for friendship. She thought he must have changed and accepted his friendship. Though she was still attracted to him, she lay in patience hoping for him to understand her feelings. As she thought, he was attracted and said that he likes her. She was overjoyed and was happy that finally he did come back to her again. But the happiness stayed for only few days. He told her that he was drunk and whatever he said was meaningless. He never loved her.

She stood there silently, her heart broken, with rage in her minds, tears rolling down. She was now angry on herself. She had been a fool all the while in her life. At last she made up her mind not to love anyone in her life and not to trust men.

P.S: This is an attempt of fiction. Got the idea last night and I felt the story would be good and hence wrote it down here. Hope it has come out well! :)