Monday, May 30, 2011

Hard Fact

The worst thing that can happen is you reach office early in the morning and find out that you are at a wrong place.
Hmm.. well, that doesn't mean that you are physically present at a wrong place but it can mean that virtually you feel that you do not belong to this office or you should have not been here!

It does feel so especially when you don't have the passion or interest to work at that office. Many may say that they feel this every single day. But I don't feel it often. I just look forward to work at my office and spend the entire day at office working or doing something which can be effective either to the company or me.
But past few days, there has been a cloud moving above me which keeps pouring in thoughts. It keeps asking me whether I'm happy over here or not? Whether I am enjoying my work, passionate about the tasks that I do or interested to even look for more possible actions during work.
Rather than answering these questions, I shutdown these thoughts and ask the cloud to stop following me.

What does a happy career mind ask for? A decent job with interesting assignments on the work desk, stable income with friendly colleagues to work on & challenging tasks. That's all I am looking for.

*Sigh. Just not happy with the happenings at my work place!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She and her world

Picture taken at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

A cute child who was accompanied by her mother to the park was happily waiting to get into the toy train ride. She didn't even knew that it was only a toy train and not the real one. She was enjoying each and every moment. She was smiling at every person who was playing with her. She doesn't recognize any of those faces but she could realize that they too are moving ahead with her in the train. She loved the dress she wore, she loved the balloons which her brother was holding in his hand, she loved the people who were smiling at her. It was all like a different world. The world which looks very nice and beautiful. Colorful people, bright day, twinkling nights, happy children, struggling old grannies, wonderful flowers etc etc.,

She wants the world to remain as it is with all these lovely things always near to her.. She cannot express it as of now but she knows about it and enjoys every bit of it.

This is her world. Her beautiful world and she loves it!! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Its been quite tough these days.. May be I have lost the patience to adjust for slightest things too. Not to reveal much but I am planning to shift my home from North to South of Bangalore. I know shifting involves hell lot of work and I'm feeling the pain in doing it.

Checking out so many places is a tiresome job too. I have been looking out for a comfy rented house but moving alone is not safe. Hence, I am checking for ladies hostels too.
But let me tell you one thing, Bangalore is loaded with lot many PG (Paying Guest) Accommodations. But I have not come across even one hostel until now. If you ask what is the difference, students who are studying in engineering or medical colleges can tell you. I always wanted to stay in one. *sigh*

Coming back to my search. Oh Gawwwdd! I have been staying in a 2 bhk house until now and I was so so happy staying there. I don't think I may get such a kind of house again.

A tip to share for the people who stay in rented house or flats: If you are all alone, you are blessed! If you are sharing your space with roomies, then you guyz gotta stay smart. Its always a fight at the end. Getting the advance money which was deposited first is like finishing a virgin trek! Trust me, I have experienced this "staying in a rented house with so called roomies" twice already.

I hope and pray that I get a good place to stay somewhere close to my office! *fingers crossed for all the future mishaps* hehehe