Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give a Chance!

As she was walking on the road, it started drizzling and then heavy pour down. The lightening, the thunder storms and the empty dark road made her more tensed. She knew she had to live all alone from now onwards. Her hefty decision made her feel terrible. Rina had thought so many times to change her mind but she was afraid of staying with him anymore. Her strong and bold mind had made her stay alone now. The papers were all ready and she was supposed to sign for it in 2 days. Then it would be sent to court. In a weeks time everything would change. Her life, her marriage break down. She had no plans of re-marriage. This was all enough for her. She wanted to stay alone to be be happy alone!

But now she feared of staying alone. Will she survive all alone in this cruel world? Her thoughts went on wandering when a motor bike came and stopped right front of her. The two huge men who wore sparky sunglasses and fluffy dresses got down from the bike and came near to her.
Before they could take any chance on her, she fled from there at top speed. Thankfully the two men didn't chase her. She ran till she could reach her home. She unlocked the door and got inside. She could not switch on the lights as there was power cut. But she locked the door and stood there breathing heavily! The water drops were falling down from her body. She was completely wet. She realized that she was crying too..

After half an hour of rest, she was bit relaxed. She lit the candle and sat on the sofa. Her mind was calm by now and she started thinking about the divorce again. She felt its difficult to lead her life without him. She thought about the lady who had recently come into his life and broke everything. Arun had already told that it was his mistake and he will not repeat it again but she didn't wanted to believe him. She felt like giving another chance to him now all because she loved him but all these things had shattered her. She made up her mind at last.

Hello? Arun?
Yes. Rina, How are you? I.. I wanted to talk to you but was afraid you will not pick my call.
Hmmm.. Ok. Can you come down to my house tonight. I too wanted to talk to you.
Yeah sure. Will be there in 10 minutes.

She felt a bit confident now after talking to him. It was time for her to make things back to normal. May be everything is still possible.

There was a knock on the door by Arun. She opened the door and it was him standing outside still tensed about all the happenings. His eyes showed the hopes that he had with him still.
Come in.
What happened? You look quite tensed and your hair is all wet. You got wet in rain?
Ah ya. I was as usual late from my office today and I came back home walking when it started raining so heavily.
You could have given a call to me, I would have picked you up.
I didn't feel like calling you.
Okay. I understand. Actually, I wanted to talk about this matter. Like, why dont we talk and clear our misunderstandings and make things straight.
Misunderstandings? I am sure there is nothing called as misunderstanding here. It was your fault.
Okay as u say. Whatever you call it as. Cant you give my one more chance and I am sure I will not dare to loose you after that.
But are you sure she is out from your life completely? I don't want her to be in between us again.
Yes dear. she is out from our life. Not only she, any other girl has no space in between us. You are the only one and will always be. I will take care of you like a small baby. Please accept me.

She was smiling with tears rolling down her cheeks now. Everything was going to be alright after this. She knew it. The last chance that will make things alright again. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He understood that she has accepted him now. Both of them were in tears now. He came close and hugged her. The power came back now and the lights shone brightly making their face glow with those tears in their eyes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It happened that day..

She had a busy day altogether. Roopa was at her cousin's marriage! She was enjoying the time there but she was quite tired and thought of relaxing for a while. She went to her cousin's room to take a small nap. But as soon as she entered the room she realized that she hadn't spoken to Santhosh the whole day.
She switched on the cpu and turned the monitor on! She knew he will be there online at evenings.
She logged into gtalk but couldn't find him online. Quickly she tried calling him on his cell phone but he didn't pick up the call. She was sad that she couldnt talk to him. Before logging out she thought of checking her mails and she found a mail in her inbox with the subject "Dear love.... " it was from santhosh.. She quickly opened it.

it read..

to my sweetest chubby lover,
u must be enjoying at the wedding.. and i'm here thinking all about u! donno why, but feeling very lonely today without hearing ur voice or reading ur sms. well, i have been thinking lately that without you, living has been difficult for me. i would better get married to u. what say? i think thts a better idea! coz u cant live without me and i cant live without u.

but big prob is our caste. i knw i know sweettheart.. am silly to think all that.. but family ppl think tht only na. so wht to do! bt dont worry. my mom is very sweet as i told u b4. she can put butter to my dad. but my dad is not at all sweet.. he is cruel than me.. (i.e coz i admit i'm cruel to u sometimes.. :D)

okok u promise me, that u wil wait for me. u gal's na wil get married so soon. i wil try my level best to convince my parents. but u got to wait for me. ok! u must be thinking whats wrong with me today. 'i'm in a very good mood. i hope u r missing me there.. or atleast u remembered me.. :P fine fine! my mail is getting longer dear. i wud better put a break!

luv ya always,

By the time roopa finished reading this mail, she was in tears as well as smiles... she never thought he would say like this.. as he was never emotional regarding relationships!
She didn't call him that night as she wanted to meet him the next day and talk about this. She just sent a short sms "meet u at 1pm for lunch at popsies"

The next day he waited for her at Popsies but she never came up. Santhosh tried calling her but she was not reachable. He called few of her friends but nobody knew where she was. He couldn't call to her house number as her father was always strict. He was worried about her sudden disappearance like this.

The following day, in the news paper under the local news section it was written "A young girl killed while crossing the Road... The Mini truck hit the 23-year-old girl on Langford Road yesterday at 12PM, police said. The girl had been crossing the road at its junction near the Popsies when the incident happened. She was taken to the Royal Hospital where she later died from her injuries. The girl is identified as Roopa working for Arifrents pvt ltd."

He was in utter shock reading it. He screamed at top of his voice but it was of no use.. he cried, cried and cried until he could..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mystery remains unsolved!

P.S: 1. This is a long post.. really really long.. please bare with it!
2. Sensitive people, take your own risk in reading it!

3. I'm sorry if it sounds rubbish! I wrote whatever I felt... any scoldings, sincerely accepted! :)

4. I will be back to my original mood very soon.. :D

Yes, i do love mystery's, murders and adventures!! but only in novels.. not in real life! though its always great to find mystery's in real life.. its too dangerous..

Or painful in reality! i so love agatha christie's murders! wud pity on the people who die in those stories.. but never had any kind of sorrows for those. coz i knew the character who died was an imaginary one! it wud be fiction i know it.. if you see murders in real life? how wud u react?

Well, i cant think of it! being bold when reading murder stories is different than being bold in real murders! i hate it to the core.. being grown in a small town, i had never seen murders! and never thought about that as well.. happily used to enjoy my read of adventurous stories.. the murders what i used to hear in TV and read in news papers were considered to be from other planet according to my tiny brain! or u can call my stupid brain! i never took it serious.

Few months back early in the morning while i was having a walk i saw a group of people desperate to walk towards a terrace of the shop! unaware of whats happening i tried to find an answer in my mind as why are people acting crazy! i started walking slowly.. toooo many questions in my mind! but no answer.. there was one place above few steps where all were peeping to. curiosity increased and i finally stopped my walk and had a quick talk with a senior lady.

me: whats happening here? why everybody is rushing there?
she: somebody has been murdered
me: what? why? i mean how?
she: dont know why. but somebody has thrown a big stone on his face and have murdered him in a cruel way

I had no more words to speak! this time i started running. running like a rabit u can tell. afraid of murderers..! i was in a different world the whole day! thinking how can anybody kill another human! and the person who died.. did he ever knew that he would be killed. he must have been enjoying yesterday and today he is no more! well, i dont want go into that world again! but trust me.. that world of mine had so many questions which were unanswered.. it still is! i had become so insane that for a second i thought i would disguise as a journalist and go and investigate the same, ask questions and find out the murderer.

But the next day itself, i got one answer! answer of who is the murderer. at the same place in the afternoon i found people gathering again. this time i saw the inspector having a person who was handcuffed! i saw him closely whether he is a human or something else! Yes, he was! he was explaining about what all he did and his process of murdering! to be told, he was just a local lad not a killer! but had murdered him accidentally. but but.. how can he? that always remains unanswered to me! :(

No No! i was not here to explain you all this today! i donno why my fiction mind wrote this murder topic! it was all of a sudden.. after reading another murder story which had happened near my own native town.. an year back! i had lots of questions when this murder happened but the main question for this was "who is the murderer?" yes, the case is still not solved.. June 10 she was missing.. june 14 her body was found! a year passed by! today is june 11.. still nobody has found out what had happened!
Yes, i'm still having that my own world with me.. with so many questions.. yes yes unanswered!

And this time i dont want to be a journalist! coz its of no use! i want to talk to her.. the one who died! not possible right? so the case remains the same.. i dont know whether it will be solved or not! but i want to find out.. just praying to god.. let the mystery get solved..

Until then yes.. the mystery remains unsolved! :(

Monday, June 1, 2009


He wrote in his diary...

Dear Indu,

I am the happiest person today coz u smiled at me. I was waiting for this very day. After 3 years of me knowing you without making you realize it, and to get the smile which is equal to thousands of those stars smiling at me when am lonely in this world without you. I know you are the angel from fairy land who came to me. I realized it long back and wanted to make sure that you yourself will smile at me one day. I dont want you to remember me. I am far from your life now.

It was just those three days of my life that was so special when you were with me.
You had lost your memory and you were stuck in that bus sitting next to me. I took great care of you and had fallen in love with you. I had taken you to the top of those mountains where that small village was. We stayed there for three days and at last you said you liked me. I was in the heaven and was overjoyed. It was that night when you were talking in your dreams that I found out you were already engaged. Engaged with the love of your life. I came to know the truth that you both were in so much love and had come for a holiday trip with him. You had lost your way in between those woods and was hit by a branch of the tree and you lost memory. You said everything in your dreams. I realized I was not the one for you. I asked one of those villagers to take you to the hospital and give the best treatment possible to regain back your memory. Everything happened as I wanted. Your memory came back and you forgot me. You went back to your love.

I realized that we were working in the same company too. I was happy seeing you daily. I forgot all my pain, your smiles gave me energy to live, your voice made me to feel that you are near to me. But I always wanted you to smile at me and you did it today. Thank you very much for that. God will always be with you coz I have already prayed him to take great care of you and he will.

Yours forever


P.S: Am completely getting involved in fiction these days! not sure, why.. but getting addicted to it.. :)