Thursday, April 28, 2011

the attachment

She sat there at the reception desk working on her computer. She didn't have much work that day. She started watching the main door and the people who were walking elsewhere.

He stayed in a small rented penthouse which was located in the same building as hers. He used to often move up and down from the stair case but never noticed this lady sitting there. But that day he just caught her eyes looking at him. He could sense the electric beat which went through his nerves. She created an affection towards him and gazed at him. No smiles either side.

Its been a month now and they still look at each other whenever he passes through the staircase. No talks and no smiles. But things are happening in the air. Both of them feel a strange bond of looking at each other but never did they express it. They liked it, they loved that intense feeling of happiness, lust and the crave to see each other everyday.

The fond attachment still continues..