Monday, June 28, 2010

That day..

Amazing! His soft touch, his smell, his melting talks .. I woke up with a thud when he came front of my eyes like a flash.. But alas it was only a dream.. but he was the same person he told he would never come front of me. he promised to keep himself far and would never return back. Now how could he come in my dreams? it was so frightening.. i never thought i would see his face or remember him again!

i tried to prepare some hot coffee to put me into relaxation. it was quite chill outside. the rain had made the world so lovely with its water drops. I smiled to myself. The clock struck 5 PM. I still had enough time to spend my day.
I quickly put on the leather jacket and started walking down the street. Observed few kids playing and cycling on the road. I could recall my childhood days. It was so clear and fun. I wished to go back to those days.

Within a fraction of a second, I heard the honking of a car. I looked back at the driver angrily. Shockingly, it was him! Oh no! the worst was yet to come. I just smiled hesitatingly. He got out of the car and came closer to me.
He took me by his hand and made me sit in the car. He drove for nearly 2 3 kms and then stopped the car. It was silent until then. I was already feeling cold and numb inside. He turned to me and asked whether I still like him. I was silent as I was not knowing what is the answer for his question. It was almost 4 months before that I had last met him. He took my hand and repeated the question again. I started shivering. Few things ran in my mind. Was he the same person with whom I used to talk, cry, feel and shout?
Is he the same person with whom I was close? Tears! Tears rolled on from my cheek. But still I was silent, didn't open up my mouth. He came closer to me and laid a small kiss on my forehead. I felt bit relaxed. Unknowingly I smiled at him and hugged him. It was some kind of relief, a happiness after a longtime, a splash of wave that dashed and went off silently.
He smiled at me back and kissed me all over. He took me in his arms and softly whispered. "I still love you sweety, sorry for being so rude. I promise you I will not repeat this."

I wiped off my tears and said "I hate you when you are angry but I love you when you make it over. I hope we will never face such a thing again."

and then it started raining very heavily! :)