Thursday, March 21, 2013

Being Alive

It has been more than a month and I have been thinking & trying to find a teeny weeny time to visit my blog. But what so ever, I again get into the lazy mode of not updating it.

Talking about what I have been doing from past few days, it is a mixture of stuffs. I had registered for two treks but then it got cancelled for various reasons. To admit, I dropped out of one because of my very-important-meeting. But the other was not my mistake okey? It was cancelled by the organizer because of some forest-permission issues.

After which I stopped thinking about trek and concentrated on my work. Had got some exciting work for which I had to study, analyse and try out things which I kind of liked it. That's because it kept me busy.

I spent few days searching for houses near by. Yes, yes! I am shifting. Moving to another house which is fairly 5 minutes walk away from my present house. :P :D
I have another 20 days to move out from here and I'm already ready to pack. Ahhh, I love packing and arranging stuffs. I got to do some serious shopping in the coming weekends. And then it would be lots of baggage, carton boxes and packings & packings.

Between, I forgot to mention that I had been to a night trek recently. Had abstained myself not to tell anyone till the last moment considering my past cancellations. :D And it was a bliss. It had been a real long time that I had gone out exploring places, walking in the night under the sky (without traffic & buildings along my way) and making new friends. I truly enjoyed every bit of it.

Hope I can go out again for 2 days trek into some lush forest. That would fill my travelling thirst for a month atleast. :D
Coming back to present time, I am eating raw mangoes with salt. It tastes yumm. The secret here is that these are stolen mangoes. That's why it is tasting sooo gooood.
Now don't ask me from where I stole it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Passing days

Unexpected happiness do come on your way and by the time you realize and feel it, it would have done its work and moved on. I do value each and very small happiness that makes me smile even for a second. Past few days seem to have moved on very fast. Just last week I was eagerly waiting for my results for one of the exam that I had attended. I experienced the excitement of waiting, felt happy to have scored good marks and it also made me feel proud when people praised me. The week is already over and so are the memories. Times does fly by quickly.

Today had been to the flower show at Lalbagh. Though I've been living in Bangalore from past 5 years, I had not been to the flower show even once. Finally, I get to experience this.

It was indeed worth visiting and see such marvellous collection of various flowers. But yes I did go through the huge crowd pushing and shouting along with the scorching sun rays. The most enjoyed time was the shopping at various stalls at Lalbagh. There were dozens of stalls selling variety of stuffs including bags, accessories, flowers, gardening tools and seeds, hande made ganesha's etc. I bought few hanging plastic pots for my home and I'm sure my dad would defnitely love this one. 

And how lovely it was to be a part of the Republic day celebration at Lalbagh. It was going on when I reached Lalbagh at around 8.30 AM. What a timing! I did miss the laddu though, which was getting distributed. Felt nostalgic as I was remembering my school days.

I happened to reach this web page by Yahoo news and seriously, was amazed to see the retro photos of India. It did put me a big smile on my face when I checked the photos. From man-drawing rikshaws & bicycle rikshaws to the steam engine of railway, it is totally awesome to imagine the life in 1950s. Do check out the photos here: Retrospective India 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Sankranti !!

It's Makara Sankranti festival..! Rangoli, Flowers, Sugarcane, Pongal, Sweet Potatoes, Avare beans and what not. The best part of it all is the yellu bella. That's my favorite. Every year I  make sure of adding all the ingredients in the right quantity so as to get the exact taste what I prefer.

Since it was a holiday, I had enough time for myself the whole day. In the evening, we went to a temple near by. All in all a peaceful day.

Happened to read this article written by a Floh Member: Of-course-we-care-about-looks-but-we-care-about-a-lot more too! He has shared his thoughts of how single men really think about the ladies. If you are asking what if Floh, well, Floh is a group of Singles precisely Singles Only Network. I pretty much had liked the concept of the group but had no intentions to join it. However, I have been following them on Facebook page and that's how I happened to read this article.

So sit back and enjoy reading it. It is going to be worth a read if you are a lady..! (wink)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Done with the weekend

Had a peaceful weekend. With two days of hols, I could spend a quality time at my room. Watched few movies, cleaned the kitchen, washed my clothes, went out for shopping and had lots of sleep. :) :)

I do love shopping and I take my own time to decide and choose stuffs. That's me! :P Or well, that's just any typical girl of my age. I was accompanying a friend of mine for shopping and I ended up buying two kurtas for myself. Now don't scold me for that. It just happened! :D

Between, I had this all time interest to buy Pictionary but kept postponing it for some or other obvious reasons. Finally, yes yes finally, I bought it today..!! And I'm so glad I did.

One of my friend introduced me to this game more than 2 years ago. It was so much of fun playing this. The basic requirement is that you need more people to play as it is played with teams. I so love this board game! If you want to know more about this game, then do jump here .

Thus ends the day and a new week awaits!! Have a fabulous week ahead... :)