Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Sankranti !!

It's Makara Sankranti festival..! Rangoli, Flowers, Sugarcane, Pongal, Sweet Potatoes, Avare beans and what not. The best part of it all is the yellu bella. That's my favorite. Every year I  make sure of adding all the ingredients in the right quantity so as to get the exact taste what I prefer.

Since it was a holiday, I had enough time for myself the whole day. In the evening, we went to a temple near by. All in all a peaceful day.

Happened to read this article written by a Floh Member: Of-course-we-care-about-looks-but-we-care-about-a-lot more too! He has shared his thoughts of how single men really think about the ladies. If you are asking what if Floh, well, Floh is a group of Singles precisely Singles Only Network. I pretty much had liked the concept of the group but had no intentions to join it. However, I have been following them on Facebook page and that's how I happened to read this article.

So sit back and enjoy reading it. It is going to be worth a read if you are a lady..! (wink)

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