Thursday, January 3, 2013

And the network follows

I'm a happy customer of Vodafone. For 6 Years!! Infact, I happened to be a Hutch customer. Time changed and then the name changed. Thankfully, the pug dog didn't change. :)

Have had variety of experiences interacting with the customer care. Once, when I was put on hold by the agent I started humming a song to realize later that the agent was able to hear me. I came to know when he said I sang well before ending the call. That turned out to be quite a surprise and an embarrasing situation.

I did experience irritating incidents when some promotional offers got activated by mistake. I was to spend my time calling the agents again and again to make sure it is de-activated. I call it frustrating times with Vodafone.

End of it all, Vodafone was always there - closest to me, following me wherever I go. It helped me connect to people whenever I wanted to. And today, I have activated another number with the same Vodafone network.

Did you know? Vodafone had promoted the advertisement characters called ZooZoo. The ZooZoo idea was conceived by Rajiv Rao and the ads were shot by Nirvana Films which is a Bangalore based company. Here is one of the cute ZooZoo image:

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