Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Those were the days !!!

Morning when I was walking today, I found two kids walking to school. As I started observing them closely, I noticed that they were in some conversation about one of their friend. I was smiling to myself thinking about my life during their age and then I was lost in memories of my good old days!

At the age of 10, what was I? Lol.. I was a kid.. a small tiny kid without a brain. I can remember few things though it is not so clear. I used to go to school in an auto with my neighbor friends. Naa. They were mostly my enemies than my friends. But yeah, we enemies were playing and having fun together. I used to cry when my mom used to feed me in the morning coz I used to hate eating! And then I was rushing to my school. In the evening, I would quickly finish up my "Milo" and then go to play. At sharp 7, my mom used to come shouting and asking me to finish playing and start studying.. I used to hate '7 o'clock" those days.

At the age of 14, I was quite grown up. I knew how to behave properly. I had made new friends in my new colony. But the fun what I had in my old place was not present. It was very much different here. Playing time comes when we want. If we feel like playing at 8 in the night, we used to go out and ask all to join us and then start some kind of wierd games. And most of the times, we end up talking and running here and there.

During holidays, it was very much fun. We used to plan so many things before the exam finishes. We neighbor friends wake up early do yoga, then skipping and at last cycling early in the morning. By around 9, we will pack up and go to our homes. Again, at 11 or 12, you would find us together at one of anyones house doing some craft work or painting or stitching. After lunch log off to sleep and then go to swimming at around 4.30 PM. Come back at 6.30 and go for cycling again or chit chat with friends. If not, play badminton!! So many things we used to do during those times.....

Ahhhh... Those were flash back memories.. does that happen now? not at all.. that life is gone for sure!! its difficult to get those days back.. those talks, those plays, those silly fightings with friends is what I miss in my present life!!
Those were the best days of my life that I realized after losing it.. Cheers to those friends of mine with whom i had lots of fun and there are few who are very far from me and I have lost their contact.. seriosuly i miss those too..
I wish I could relive those days again !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The week's soup!

Last week was a complete mishap for me! I didn't have time to think what I was doing!
Let me write it down here..
*Firstly, I had lots of work in office. 9 hours was not at all enough for my job. To be honest, I enjoyed the work that I was doing.
*I did get a big blast from my boss coz I wanted to go early on saturday as I invited my friends to my place. :( He was quite rude to me when I told I have to go early at any cost. Anyways, from the very next day he was completely back to normal... ;)
*Friday, I cleaned my house till 12 midnyt and was very tired the next day.
*I had invited my trekking gang cum friends to my home and had a good time enjoying, cooking and spending time with them.
*While traveling daily morning via bus to office I was sleeping in the bus. I used to feel ashamed after I wake up and not before I sleep.
*I had a new experience standing on the foot board of the bus coz the bus was overloaded.. :P It was real fun and I would like to do it again.. ;)
*Met my old classmate buddies after 2 years. It was wonderful meeting them again after such a long time.
*Received beautiful gifts from Hemanth.. He has been so much creative to gift me this.. I am just uploading it here. and hemu, a huge thanks to u for the wonderful gift that u gave me..

plz click on the image to see it clearly.. :)

*Lastly, when i hopped in here on monday morning, I was shocked to see my template into a wreck! it was completely changed with some garbage image and I had no time to think what i could do. I just quickly chose a new template today and copied so many thngs back to the blog.. quite a mishap! :(

Also, my best friend is acting weird nowadays.. kinda became stressed out coz of her studies.. she is bugged up with those horror exams.. :P.. i am not able to talk to her properly via phone due to some reason! just wanted to tel her to take it easy and not to worry. wishing her gud luck.. am sure she wil get gud marks! :D plz cheer her up!! :)

One more thing to add up!
My roomie, is undergoing with an operation this weekend! She is quite tensed about it.. God, bless her! I want to see her smiling
happily after she returns back.. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friendship Never Ends - Last part

Read Part 1 and Part 2 so that you can understand the ending part.. :P

Seema: "Hello? Is this Kavya? Hi, Kavya.. Seema here. I just wanted to check whether Sushma had called you anytime after those final exams."
Kavya: "Err.. No.. Never did she call me.."
Krithi: "Hi. This is Krithi, sushma's friend. You are her neighbour, Veena, right? Well, I just wanted to know where is she now? I didn't see her from 3 years. She is not living in that house now. Do you have any idea?"
Veena: "No. I didn't knew that she had shifted her place. It was my mom who told me. But I saw her in Mumbai when I had gone to visit my cousins. Just few months back. I tried talking to her but she ran away after seeing me. I did get angry for that and kept quiet. Thats all I know about her."
Krithi: "Oh. Where exactly did you see her in Mumbai?"
Veena: "At Mega Mall, Oshiwara."
Krithi: "Thanks, Veena"

Amit: "Hello, Sir we are Sushma's friend. Myself Amit and this is Vinay . Sushma and her parents were living in your rented house just 3 years back. Actually, we are trying to reach her from quite a long time but we have no contact of her at all. Could you please give us any information about the family, like where they shifted and why?"
Prof. Kuldeep: "Ahh.. That family! They came to me one day and told that they urgently need to vacate the house. I felt that they were worried of something. I always had a good impression on that family so when they badly wanted to move away, I couldn't stop them. Her father told me that they are going to Pune. And his phone number which he gave me for any emergency isn't working since then. I don't know about the rest."
Vinay: "That's ok, Sir. Thanks a lot."
Amit: "Vinay, what's her dad's name?"
Vinay: "Hmm.. Neeraj Rajvani. He was working as Junior officer in BSNL telecom. Ahh Ahh.. why can't we search through his office. We can get some information from there."
Amit: "Good idea."

Krithi: "Guyz, what happend? Any luck from your side?"
Vinay: "Hmm. Her father took voluntary retirement from his office coz he was in trouble over here. According to his colleagues, Sushma had an affair here with a guy who was a big flirt and he cheated her at last. Sushma planned to suicide coz of this but was saved in the hospital. Her family were ashamed of all this and thought to move away from the town. They are right now settled in Mumbai leading a peaceful life"
Seema: "Gosh! Sushma and suicide? That's really shocking! But she could have told it to us. We could have helped her. Anyways, lets try to find her in Mumbai now. We need to trace our old friend. She needs our help and support."
Amit: "Right! We will go there the next weekend. We have got the address as well. So no worries. We can straight away reach to her house."
Krithi: "Cool.. Lets meet our Sushma."

9 AM @ Oshiwara, while Sushma was reading news paper in her garden.
Amit: "Hey, serious lady! How you doing?"
Vinay: "At last, we found you!!"
Sushma: "My goodness.. Is it you guyz? Can I believe this?"
Krithi: "Yeah, you have to. You have grown plumpy. Sushma, we really missed you so much." and she hugged her.
Sushma: "Am sorry. I did so many wrong things that I couldn't tell anything to you all. Mostly I was ashamed of myself."
Seema: "Whatever! We are for what? We will always be there for your good and bad. Don't think that you can run away from us, ok? We are smart enough to trace you."
Amit: "yeah, see.. After a lot of research, we are right infront of your house. We do need a pat on our back for this.."
Sushma: "You all do deserve a big pat! I too did miss you all.. I am a big fool. I always fall in trouble and my main mistake was not to share it with you all. Hope you people will forgive me"
Vinay: "C'mon now! Don't be senti ok.. Lets forget the past and live the present. Aren't you guyz hungry?"
Krithi: "Yeah, yeah. Sushma.. Didn't you notice Vinay's big tummy? You need to feed him nicely or else he will start crying!"
Sushma: "haha.. Vinay! and you naughty, Amit.. When will you stop starring at gals like that.?"
Vinay: "Starring at gals?"
Seema: "Didn't you all see? He is starring that neighbor gal from that time. Check out"
Amit: "Oh god! This is Mumbai yaar! You people leave me alone.. Let me do my work. hmm.. What say? Isn't she pretty? Will she suit me?"
Seema: "Not at all.. She is so cute and you! Ahh.. How will she ever chose a bugger like you! Noways!!"
Amit: "Hey........."

And the conversation goes on!! The five close buddies always lived as best and close.. Though they lived in different cities they continued to meet during their hols!

Friends are like a "Ring" always "Holding" ur "Finger" But, as u get "Careless", It slips out of ur hand..!!,
So, don't ever "Let" ur friends slip out of ur life.
TaKe CaRe Of ThEM...!

Wishing all a very colorful and a happy holi...!! :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friendship Never Ends - Part 2

If you havent read the first part, please read it here...

Krithi: "Hi Seema. Where are you?"
Seema: "Am at my home. I thought of calling you yesterday then I was so tired that I forgot to call you. I wanted to ask you whether you are free today so that we can go for some shopping."
Krithi: "Ya, sure! Its quite boring today. It would be better if I would go out with you"
Seema: "Okay, See you at Northway Mall at sharp 4 today."

At 4 PM in the mall...
Seema: "So, what do you think about that?"
Krithi: "About what?"
Seema: "Sushma, ofcourse. I have been wondering what she is doing now. Never did she receive our calls nor she called us. What do you think? Has she forgotten us completely or something bad has happened?"
Krithi: "I don't know. I have thought about that quite a lot of times and I was getting dizzy everytime after a lot of thinking. I have tet fear that.. that something is wrong. But I don't want to think about it. So lets forget about her for the time being. Then, howz your boy friend? You just compromised last week na"
Seema: "Yeah. Its always funny with him. We compromise 'n' number of times coz we fight 'n' number of times. Its all life, u know." with a giggling smile on her face.
Krithi: "Ok. ok. I don't know whats so funny about ur fights. Its just stupidity. Why to fight if you are compromising for sure. Idiots you both are!"
Seema: "May be. ok then tell me whether that color suits me? I thought of picking some kurta's this time. Fed up of those shirt collections I have."
Krithi: "Yeah. Its ok. But take some dark shaded colors. It suits you very well than that."

At midnight 12, the phone rang...
Krithi: "Ahhh.. Who the hell at this time...?" as she picked the phone.. "Helloooo.. Yeah, whoz it?"
Vinay: "Hmm.. Did I scare you calling at this hour of the night?"
Krithi: "I am not a kiddo to get scared. Tell me who are you?"
Vinay: "Hey, Krithi.. Its me, Vinay"
Krithi: "Vinay? Who Vinay? Oh god.. Vinay.. The cutie bumby fellow of the gang!!! Can I believe this?"
Vinay: "Ehh? Why cant you believe this? okok.. I know its the wrong time to call you, sorry!"
Krithi: "Hey, c'mon.. Its alright.. So where are you and how are you?"
Vinay: "Am just fine. And you? Do you kno where is Sushma and Seema?"
Krithi: "Am also fine, Vinay. Me and Seema are in Bangalore now. And Sushma, no idea. We have no clue about her whereabouts."
Vinay: "Oh. ok. Thank god you both are not lost like her.. You know, Amit had called just a day back. He is in Mysore and now wants to meet us all. I too wanted to see you all once. Its such a long time we had met. I said him I will call you all girls and plan for a meeting. What say? You both are free the next weekend. Me and Amit can come over to Bangalore or we can meet anywhere where you girls are comfortable to come."
Krithi: "Hmm.. Its a great idea. Well, I cannot move out of city at the moment. If possible, try to come over here. We can hang out here, in Bangalore"
Vinay: "Done. Will call you up and tell which place when we come there. Hoping to see you all soon. Bye"
Krithi: "Same here. Bye and good night"

Saturday evening at Hotel Richards.
Amit: "Here, they are! The beauty queens. You both look lovely than before."
Krithi: "Amit! You are still a big flirt. How are you? So long. You have grown thinner"
Seema: "Yeah, Amit. You look pale now and Vinay always the humpty dumpty kind! He has grown fat. Look I can see your tummy rolling out. hahaha"
Vinay: "Oh god, Why are seeing my tummy now. Keep your eyes out of it. How are you both? Busy with your working life haan?"
Krithi: "yeah, kinda like that. But seema's case is different ok. She is busy with her boy friend more than her work. I bet, ask her."
Amit: "Oh ho. So did we hear boy friend? Sounds cool. So next is party from Seema."
Seema: "Oh c'mon guyz! Stop pulling my leg. You ask party from Vivek. I am alreay bankrupt."
Vinay: "Vivek???"
Krithi: "Thats his name."
Amit: "It sounds familiar to me. Is that the guy who ragged you when you were in first grade of your college.?"
Seema: "yeah!" blushing
Vinay: "Thats crazy! That idiotic, stupid moron is your boy friend? wow!!!"
Seema: "Guyz! Stop it.. plz.. He is so sweet."
Amit: "Okok.. Well, Am just so happy meeting you all. I am tired of the life what I am leading"
Krithi: "I miss those college days. We had a great time enjoying then. Apart from studies, I mean!
Vinay: "Does anyone have any idea about Sushma?"
Krithi: "No, Vinay. We tried calling her so many times. It was of no use. She never picked our calls. And seema went to her house once but it was locked up. So we just came to the conclusion that we lost her."
Amit: "Wait. We cant lose her. She is our friend and we have to help her if she is in trouble. Lets search once again all through."
Vinay: "Right, Amit.. We will try our best to trace her. Lets call up all her friends and try to find out. You girls can do bit of calling. I and Amit, can go to her house and ask her neighbours, right Amit?"
Amit: "yeah, sounds thrilling. Lets be detectives and find our old buddy, sushma!
Krithi: "Cool. We both will help you in any way."

to be continued.... :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friendship Never Ends - Part 1

Outside the exam hall in the month of March with full of anxiety and the exam fear, the students are wandering hear and there. In between, Amit, Krithi, Vinay, Seema and Sushma are into serious discussion.

Amit: "Arey, ye kya hain yaar! kuch bhi dimag mein nahi ja raha hain"

Vinay: "Hmmm, I am also facing the same problem, dude"

Sushma: "Now, will you guyz stop disturbing us. I am not able concentrate on what am reading"
Amit: "Alright, you study. I think am skipping this exam"
Seema: "Hey, c'mon! Don't be silly, Amit.

Amit: "Am not! What do you think? I have to go in and sit in the exam hall for atleast 1 hour without writing anything coz I don't know anything. Ahh!! I hate these exams"

Krithi: "I just badly want to get out of these studies. It's so boring"

Vinay: "Yeah! Two more hard fucking years to go, guyz! Then, we are so called the free birds"

Seema: "Okay okay. Now don't make me think about all that. I will start dreaming in the exam hall"
Amit: "Well, I am just longing to get out of this college life. Its so hectic, full of tension about exams. I get scoldings from my parents. They piss me off telling always 'study, study and study"
Vinay: "Same here! Okok, for everyone!"
Krithi: "You know, its fun to work, earn, eat, sleep and enjoy! We will not have any worries about exam. We can enjoy with the money what we get from company. No need of asking from parents. Always masti and mazak! I am just waiting for that life.."

Amit: "I agree. We need not worry about anything then."

Sushma: "Sshh..! You guyz talk slowly. Atleast let me study a bit. I don't want to cry after I come out from the exam hall"

Vinay: "My goodness! The brilliant student is studying! Sorry for disturbing you. Please continue studying"

Sushma: "Thanks!"

At 4 o'clk, in food court, the famous hang out place of the city.

Vinay: "So whats happening lately. Looks like most of them are busy other than me."

Krithi: "Not exactly. I am just enjoying my days"

Amit: "I might be going to Mysore next week. My father's friend said that he is going to get me a job there."

Seema: "Cool, haan! So nice income, nice job, nice place. We are not so fortunate though. I have to start searching everywhere."

Vinay. "Dont worry, you will get it. By the by, where is Sushma. Why couldn't she come and join us here today?"

Krithi: "Don't know! I tried calling her but she was not picking my call."

Amit: "Well, guyz I have to move on now. Have lot of things to do before I go. Will catch up some other time."

Vinay: "Okay, Amit. Hope you will enjoy your new job and your new place"

Amit: "Hopefully." with a grin on his face.

Seema and Krithi: "Yeah. Ok then keep in touch."

Amit: "I will for sure. Bye all."

Vinay: "Girls, my turn to go now. I need to return back some cd's which I had taken from my friend. Okay then cya."

Seema and Krithi: "Bye"

3 years later. Vinay got a call on his mobile. He picked up and was shocked to hear a voice which he had known very well before.

Vinay: "Abe, Amit hain kya?"
Amit: "Haan yaar. Tere old friend sala, Amit!"

Vinay: How are you, dude? After a long time"

Amit: "I am not so fine, but yeah, ok kinds. Tu kaisa hain re?"

Vinay: "Kyu yaar? Well, I am doing good. Where are you now?"

Amit: "I am in Mysore only. May be suffering here and what about and the rest?"

Vinay: "No idea. All are lost in their world. You remember, we used to tell that working life is fun and all that. You know it sucks! It badly sucks.. I just miss those college days. That life was wonderful and this life is oh god, its just worst.
Amit: "I agree, Vinay. We realized it now. I too am suffering the same. I want to meet you all. Its like I have been missing you all so badly from these many months. Please do lets meet up somewhere. So much to talk and to share with. Moreover, I would love to see you all after 3 whole years!
Vinay: "Yeah, sure Amit. Let me talk to others as well and plan to meet up. And you know what after talking to you now, am so much relaxed. Thanks for calling, Amit."

to be continued...

P.S : A hearty thanks to hemu for his help in posting this topic! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LoVe U, MoMmY...!!

mom's are very special... aren't they? yup.. they are!! very much special..
and what's this special day all about..? its ma mommy's bday!

I tried calling her first in the morning to wish her but it was too late.. she had gone out somewhere.. i did get up late! :( i have already left so many miss calls on the phone.. just waiting to wish her!

and here I am at my office longing to talk to her and when I checked my blog.. i found hemu's wishes for his dad. today is his dad's bday as well..! He did give me an idea of posting wishes thru blog.. so am here wishing my mom a very happy bday!!!

thinking abt my mom, i am just recalling the thngs she do.. Washing, cleaning and cooking.. plus ironing and grocery shopping.. These chores are bone breaking.. oh mamma!! u r so kind and sweet.. For all ur love and care, here's a huge hug to u..

to ma mom.. with special love..!

Many thanks to u and again, Happy Birthday dear mamma!!! :)