Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrong turn

Life is indeed unpredictable. You never know when you will face life's blows. Sometimes this blow may hurt us so deep that it can remain for a long time.

We grow up with lots of hope and with interest to achieve our dreams. Every individual has his or her own dreams. Some people may actually reach their goals within little time or after a long time.

But what when you are actually going against your dreams? What when you are actually doing something which you never thought of and never wanted to?

Probably you may continue with this phase of life if everything is good and if it is not going good, then you may try to change the happenings as much as possible.
But there are times when you cannot change anything, when you plan to stay silent with this phase of life and wait for things to change by itself.

Going through difficulty needs to be experienced so as to understand the life's ups and downs. But when it is taking a wrong turn, we have to take a right step to win this game or ateast wait for the right step.

Today, life took me towards a wrong turn. I am quite upset with it but then I don't want to loose hopes. I am not in a position to take a right step but I will wait for it. If things were in my hand, I could have done as my heart says. But no, I am helpless. I may have to support the people who depend on me. So just ignoring the wrong turn and moving ahead to come across the right path.

I guess this is a hard time which is going through, But I'm trying to live my day to the fullest.
The tears that rolled from my eyes today dried up when a close friend of mine comforted me. I'm glad to have such friends in my life.
End of it all, I'm smiling now as I'm writing this.

Ignoring the so-called-worst-experience-of-today!

Signing off with a smile! :)

P.S: The photo above is taken by a good friend of mine. The photo itself can tell many stories.