Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Land of Devil..

In the midst of the plain deserted land,
I came all alone to enjoy in the sand!
While returning back, I saw my grandpa sitting on a bench
I told him to come along with me

He was happy that I called him and was talking to me as we went along
Lot of stories he did narrate to me. Asked me to take care of myself.
I realized my grandpa is a genius and walked along taking great care of him.
In btw, I lost my path as the breeze was blowing too much!

I was perplexed to decide which way to go
No worries as grandpa was near me coz I was not alone
I took a direction which seemed to be quite easy
I went along and along and found a stone which was sparkling.

As I starred at it, out came the lord of devil
I was scared to bits seeing the devil frowning

He told "O my dear little one, you chose the wrong path when u lost ur way. Now, u have come to the land of devil where cruelty exists. I need to take one of u with me as I have been ordered to do so whoever comes this way. But you are lucky enough coz u r still a child. So I will be taking ur grandpa with me. Do forgive me for what is happening. I have nothing in my hands that I can help you."

There I was standing thinking whats happening.
In no time, I found myself crying
I saw my grandpa going along with the lord of devil,
Waving me good bye and asking me to take care!

I stood there silently without knowing what to do
I realized my fault of bringing grandpa with me
I wouldnt have got him if I knew I was so careless
I didnt wanted to go back now without my grandpa

I cried and cried till the tears dried up
I have lost the person who I adore so much
He was the one like gentle men I believe
And I have him no more beside me

P.S: Though it is a fiction, I wrote this coz I just remembered my grandpa who I adored so much in my life... This post is for him and I wanna tell him that I truly miss him a lot.......!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the tunnel all alone...!

In the pitch dark night standing alone,

Waiting for someone with full of moan!!

Knowing its not safe to go out at night,

But i have come out now, my mistake alright!!

Waiting, still waiting for the guy to come,

May be with a rose in his hand, eyes full of love!!

But no! time is passing but no one is coming,

I am stuck.. what shall i do other than thinking?

Well, i thought may be i can go alone..

Without fear without anyone's help in a silent tone!!

With dare i am going, no wonder i am shivering,

My heart is thumping.. and I'm helpless doing nothing!!

I can see so many people enjoying,

Am i jealous? no, i am just left out, nudging!!

My mistake i admit. i am seeing the result of it..

There must be some solution for all this bull shit!!

Damn..!!! still waiting and no solution found.

Its hard for me to go alone coz am downed!!

Searching in the crowd for the right person

Who will not cheat me like the b4 one!!

Mr.Right, the one who is going to care for me,

The one who will truly believe and love me!!

I want that Mr.Right to be with me forever and forever..

Where is he..? will u take long time to reach me, oh my Trevor!

Is he also in search of me..?

How to tel him that i am waiting for him in the black sea!!

I need him now.. how can i yell out to him?

And say that i am here all alone waiting only for him!

I can see complete darkness here..

I know this is some kind of tunnel leading out somewhere or the other

But i will wait. until i have my life in my hand,

And i hope he will reach to me even if he is in Kazakhstan!

Hoping, waiting, longing to see him.

With a smile on my face and prim!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The wordy words

Hey all, check this out......

Found it here and gave a try. Thanks to Dewdrops..

You too wanna create this wordle? Click here to do one!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The season of Love...

Chaand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna
Tu bhi sun bekhabar
Pyar kar, o ho ho pyar kar

The so called a day for the exchange of tokens of affection!

I just wanted to wish you all. Hope you guys have great time with your beloved ones on the occasion of Valentines day. Enjoy!!
Btw, I would like to dedicate these to my loved ones here!

These bunch of daisy flowers to my dad and mom for all their love. I luvvyaa u both!!!!

A teddy bouquet to ma cute loving sis, muktha! Also, to
namana, srishti, princy, ambika.. this one is for u all... i miss u all chooooooo much!!!

Roses to all my friends and close buddies for their care and
to my fellow bloggers who gave me inspiration..

Have a great weekend!!!! luvvvvyyaaaaa all.........


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss Perfect as Valentine!

Guyz, Have you met her? The Miss Perfect, I mean. From 'homely' to 'professional'. And from being 'simple' to 'sexy' the definition of Miss Perfect has changed for many men. They want their women beautiful, intelligent and in control.

What men looks first in girls. Great looks and a heart of gold? That was the answer I found in search engines. Yeah, great looks and a golden heart is fine. The one with a good heart can always be trusted. In today's troubled time it is really difficult to find this kind of girl. If you did find, there you go! Catch hold of her, don't leave her.. ;)

Men usually prefer women who makes him smile during his bad times. When men return from their works, they would be happy to find someone with excited eyes, naughty smile. Ahh! Won't then the life be happy always if it is so!

Yeah, some men are not the ones who think about all these. They hang the board "Love me at your own risk" and there they go loosing their loved ones! Though they understand it later after experiencing the loneliness without the loved girl!

Also, men admit that they seek a woman who is attractive to them. Most men are not these kinds but some are! They don't want a model but they do take pride in having a girlfriend who looks beautiful. So it means that men fall for a woman because he is pleased by her looks.

The women could be independent but she needs to be the kinds who your family also likes. They need someone who they can take home and introduce to the family.

All it takes is - Love.. what men needs is Miss Perfect i.e Homely, Professional, Lover, Charming, Trusty, Independent, and the list goes on.

Now as the Valentine's day is around the weekend, isn't it the perfect time for you guys to find your Miss Perfect? Who knows she could be the girl next door! Stay alert! :D

P.S : This is just a random post! I have only expressed my views. There are no hard feelings or anything as such towards men or women.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Alarm!!!

One of my friend, I will call here as Miss X was sleeping as usual in the early morning. She is having her study holidays now in her college. Now did u ask why was she sleeping than studying? Well, she told me she studied the whole night. (Need to investigate about this later) Her parents had already gone to work and she was the only one in her house enjoying her sleep.

She was awaken by a sudden noise outside the door. It was some fellow who came in front of her house and started playing some song in his instrument which was so loud! She was not in a condition to get up so she dozed back to her sleep. But the chap didn't go at all. He made the music louder and sang. I believe the whole colony could hear it. As he understood there is no response from the people at the house, he started calling them. Miss X who was quite pissed off from all the noises went out to see him standing at the door grinning at her. She was in anger but had to control. She returned back with a 5 Re note in her hand and passed it to him. What say? He did deserve it after a lot of singing and calling and yeah, waking her up? And considering from my friend's point of view, she gave him money for waking her up! It's just the matter of helping, u see! He helped her and she helped him.. I bet my friend will give me a good blasting if she reads this!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Innocence is always Unsuspicious..!

What do you think about this post? not quite an interesting one, but yeah, I wanted to post it here so I did! This post is regarding something which I don't know or may be I cannot explain about!
Its just what I can tell in one word as 'innocence'.
Few months back, I watched this movie.. It was strange kind, something which was very different. yet kinda blood boiling because people will surely get on nerves watching this kind of movie which is basically nothing.
This movie was a flop! a complete flop.. Nobody liked the movie. people only liked one song.. the most famous song which ppl usually ask to play it for dedications to their loved ones! Yeah, the song is truly mind blowing. But I liked the movie more than the song!!!
Maula mere maula mere!! Ankhen teri.. Kitni haseeen!!!
U might have understood by now that am talking about the movie "Anwar"!!!

What is the movie like?? A love story?
Kinda sort of! But there is something else too which is actually on what the movie is dependent on! The 'innocence'.

is the story of a young man, an artist, who leaves his home and everything he knows in order to escape a world he no longer recognizes. All he ever wanted was a love story. Instead, his mentor abandons him and his best friend and his one true love betray him. Devastated, emotionally exhausted, he takes refuge in an old building, only to wake up the next morning to find his world turned upside down.

Mistaken for a terrorist, Anwar finds himself in the midst of an unusual set of circumstances that resonate deeply with the modern Indian Condition and indeed with the Human Condition in this present-day global village. Surrounded on all sides by a host of characters who try and engineer the situation to their profit, Anwar becomes the central character upon which the others base their hopes and their deepest desires.

A rabble-rousing Minister pitching for the popular vote; two journalists; one a nationally renowned TV reporter and the other a small-town scribe, looking to resurrect their careers and, as a consequence, their lives; a priest whose only concern is the maintenance of the status quo; and a senior police officer who only wants to leave, but must first resolve the situation... in any way he can. Through them, and through the other stories weaving in and out of the film, we discover a huge love story, plastered against the canvas that is India. And that, above all, is what Anwar is about. About the simple human need to connect, to love and to be loved, and to believe...

But now remains Faith, Hope, Love, these three...
And the greatest of these is love.

A must watch movie.. There is nothing like u can expect a hip hop song, a wonderful love story or anything like what u can tell that the movie rocks!! Its a simple story with a hint of love getting dragged by the innocence of a muslim guy. If you have patience and interest you will surely feel like watching it till the end!! [wink]

I have just uploaded the beautiful video and the gr8 tune that I love the most from the movie...
Check it out!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KK - Live in Concert

In the middle of the crowd, the loud sound, bouncing heads and cheering people- we friends were enjoying the Pro-nite with high spirits. The pro-nite event made us clap, made us jump in the air, made us scream and yeah, made us completely go crazy!

The music mania which hit the stage by KK made us throw out our silence into shouts and cheers on 31st Jan, 2009.
KK (Krishnakumar kunnath) through his voice made the night a wonderful one filled with plethora of music.

We had a great time joining the crowd, throwing our hands up high, with that extra noise, dancing on the beats!