Thursday, March 21, 2013

Being Alive

It has been more than a month and I have been thinking & trying to find a teeny weeny time to visit my blog. But what so ever, I again get into the lazy mode of not updating it.

Talking about what I have been doing from past few days, it is a mixture of stuffs. I had registered for two treks but then it got cancelled for various reasons. To admit, I dropped out of one because of my very-important-meeting. But the other was not my mistake okey? It was cancelled by the organizer because of some forest-permission issues.

After which I stopped thinking about trek and concentrated on my work. Had got some exciting work for which I had to study, analyse and try out things which I kind of liked it. That's because it kept me busy.

I spent few days searching for houses near by. Yes, yes! I am shifting. Moving to another house which is fairly 5 minutes walk away from my present house. :P :D
I have another 20 days to move out from here and I'm already ready to pack. Ahhh, I love packing and arranging stuffs. I got to do some serious shopping in the coming weekends. And then it would be lots of baggage, carton boxes and packings & packings.

Between, I forgot to mention that I had been to a night trek recently. Had abstained myself not to tell anyone till the last moment considering my past cancellations. :D And it was a bliss. It had been a real long time that I had gone out exploring places, walking in the night under the sky (without traffic & buildings along my way) and making new friends. I truly enjoyed every bit of it.

Hope I can go out again for 2 days trek into some lush forest. That would fill my travelling thirst for a month atleast. :D
Coming back to present time, I am eating raw mangoes with salt. It tastes yumm. The secret here is that these are stolen mangoes. That's why it is tasting sooo gooood.
Now don't ask me from where I stole it.

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